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8 Different Ways Pani Puri Is Called In Different States!


Pani-Puri (with extra pyaaz) is an emotion for most of us. We love waiting in the long queues, for our chance and relish on plates and plates of yummy Pani-puri. A very famous Indian street-food, it is found in every corner of the country and is enjoyed by everyone across all the age groups…

1.Pani Puri

The most commonly used name, Pani Puri is used extensively in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and in several other North Indian states. Pani Puri in these states is a crispy, flaky hollow puri filled with flavoured water, and chick peas cooked with several spices and chat masala…

2.Gol Gappe

Fondly called as Gol Gappe New Delhi, Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab and Haryana, Gol Gappe are super crunch and are loaded with tangy tamarind water, a chole made with chick peas or green gram and potatoes. They are also served with a chutney adding a hint of tanginess to it. Just like how Maharashtra cannot do without their Vada Pav, the Delhites cannot do without their daily dose of Gol Gappe…


No we are not speaking about your regular pakoras or fritters. Pani puri is popular as Pakodi in Gujarat and some regions of Kutch. Pakodis are usually filled with spicy water made with green chillies. It also has heavy dose of mint. Pakodis are generally spicy and quite loaded.


In the states of Eastern India like Bihar, Jharkhand, and West Bengal, Pani puri is referred to as Puchka. The puris are different than the other states as they are made with a different kind of flour. The filling is made with spicy mashed potatoes, the chutney is tangy and the water spicy. Bengali style Puchkas are the best kind and you ought to try them if you haven’t.

5.Paani Ke Patashe

In some regions of Uttar Pradesh and Haryana, Pani Puri is called as Paani Ke Patashe. Their making is quite similar to that of Delhi’s Gol Gappe. What makes them different from Gol Gappe, is the water. The tamarind water is made with different herbs and spices.

6.Gup Chup

Our very own Gup Chup makes it to the list. Pani puri is popular as Gup Chup is Odisha, Hyderabad and some regions of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. The cracking and bursting sound Puris have led to the name Gup Chup.


Some areas in North India, like Madhya Pradesh especially Hoshangabad like to call their Pani Puri as Tikki. It is because the Pani puri here is loaded with Aloo Tikki and water.

8.Patashi or Pani Ke Batashi

Lucknow has its own version of Pani Puri and it is called Pani ke Batashe. The puris are stuffed with boiled peas, spices and spicy water. In some places five types of water is served and is known as Paanch Swaad ke Batashe.

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