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8 Interesting Ways To Decorate Photographs on Your Wall


Most of us love to decorate our wall in a different way, and we want to tell a story through it. If you remember, there is a saying that an empty wall is like a blank canvas. You can do whatever you want with it. You won’t believe, but there are many interesting and creative ways to arrange photos on your wall. Don’t worry; we are here to give you all some fantastic ideas to make your wall look more beautiful and exciting.

1 Metal PrintsTry to decorate the space above your mantelpiece with matching metal prints to give an artistic look to your wall.

2 Polaroid PhotosPlace all your Polaroid photographs in blocks to make them look attractive.

3 Colourful Collage of photographsMake a collage of colorful photos on your computer in one sheet and hang them.

4 PegboardStick photographs to a pegboard in your bedroom.

5 Polaroid CollageIf you’re just looking to decorate a small wall, try using a collage of colorful Polaroid photos.

6 CorkboardIf you’re using a corkboard try to attach some swatches of fabric to it for a fun pop of color.

7 Unframed photographsTo give an artistic look to your wall try to use some unframed canvas pictures.

8 Flowers and PlantsTry to add some hanging flowers and plants in between the images to make it look appealing.

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