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9 Countries That Have Not Registered A Single Case Till Date, According to WHO

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Covid-19 valla suffer kani World country eh ledu. China lo start ee dangerous Covid-19 US, UK, Japan, Russia, India lanti pedda countries tho patu small countries annitini shake adinchindi. Coronavirus valla suffer avvani countries levu almost anni World countries lo Lockdowns petti, pandemic rules ni strict ga impose chesaru. Still ee pandemic valla chala countries inka suffer avthune unnayi.

Kani konni countries ki matram assala Covid-19 ante ento kuda teliyadu. Avunu teliyadu in the sense of konni countries lo ippati varaku okkati ante okka Covid-19 case register kaledu ante nammuthara?

Avunu andi babu according to WHO These 9 Countries Not Even Registered Single Covid Case Till Date…

1. Tuvalu

Island nation location in South Pacific part of British commonwealth. The Tuvalu population is 12,000, travel is prohibited in this island and borders are closed for other countries.

2. Saint Helena

It is one of the World’s most remote locations, the 4,255 population is fully vaccinated and they don’t allow positive tested persons.

3. Turkmenistan

Central Asian country with population of 60.3 lakhs, has zero covid-19 cases till date. They will not allow their citizens if they are not fully vaccinated and tested positive persons to the country from 2020.

4. Tokelau

Tokelau is Small territory situated between Hawaii and Newzealand with a population under 1500.

5. Nauru

Nauru is a tiny island in Micronesia, northeast of Australia with a population of 10,834. They allow only fully vaccinated and negative persons tho the islands and islands are 100% fully vaccinated.

6. Niue

Niue is a small island nation which is famous for its limestone cliffs and coral reef diving with the population of just 1620 and they are fully vaccinated.

7. Kiribati

Kiribati is an independent island nation in the central Pacific Ocean. The permanent population is over 119,000.

8. North Korea

Well we all know very well about North Korea & Kim’s rule here..how can coronavirus dare to enter into the country in the presence of Kim. They banned all travellers and connections with world countries and even banned food imports & exports.

9. Cook Islands

Small island nation near New Zealand and famous for its travelling attractions like scuba diving and snorkelling. Almost 99.99% of the population of 17,459 are fully vaccinated.


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