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9 reasons Why Hyderabad is our favorite place to live in


Hyderabad is a land of everything and anything. A person of any stature can live happy ga and peaceful ga. Ikada anni dorkuthay. Undaniki place, cheyyaniki work and tirganiki manshulu.

1. It is a land of great cuisine whose history dates to middle east and other places.1.-It-is-a-land-of-great-cuisine-whose
2. Is is the place that accommodates one of the biggest film making studios in the world.
3. Ikada vere vaallu settle avvaniki osthe kuda they can happily do it..due to low cost of living.
4. Idi oka land where people of various religions, cultures and traditions kalisi untaru. So ee okka place lo there is everything you can do and see.
5. You get the best biryani in the world.
6. Ikkada jarige anthe ghananga ekkada ekva festivals jaragavu. From bonalu to Christmas, every festival is just as beautifully celebrated.
7. Charminar, golkonda fort, Buddha statue…ivanni elanti world records ni baddalukottakapoina kuda they are the houses for some truly amazing architecture.
8. Chetilo entha money una kuda manam shopping cheyyochu..
9. We have designed our own language that is a trademark.

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