Home Entertainment A fun filled artistic Sunday, right near you. Don’t miss!’⁠⁠⁠⁠

A fun filled artistic Sunday, right near you. Don’t miss!’⁠⁠⁠⁠


We have vivid images of our childhood when we used to go a Sunday market named as ‘Angadi/Santha’, where we used to have different types of stalls, varying from Arts and crafts to Food to several exhibits. Actually started as Farmers’ Market, this has changed according to the trend to ‘Flea Market’ as per the pop culture. ‘Flea Market’ is basically an open platform for artists to showcase their creations and products. Started in the west in late 1800’s, this has been quite popular in Goa and places around it during the 1970’s and still going on. This has been spreading to the Metropolitan cities in the recent times, where it has become a social gathering for artists, musicians, and food and fashion lovers. And now this has come to Hyderabad, in the name of ‘Sunday Soul Sante’!

Sunday Soul Sante was first created in Bangalore in 2010 with an aim to create a platform for visual and performing arts. It is a day-long Sunday Flea Market with a fun carnival vibe offering wholesome entertainment. According to the organizers, the idea for bringing SSS to Hyderabad spawned from the need for an interesting event providing entertainment of the whole family at the same time. This Soul Sante has a host of pop-up stalls that celebrate the meeting point of fashion and art, décor, food and a line-up of exciting performances by artists. This edition in Hyderabad, features over a 150 pop-stalls for artists and craftsmen, out of which, 15 stalls are given, free of cost, to Telangana-based weavers/ craftsmen through a non-profit organization, UMEED.

To provide the entertainment, city-based artists ‘The Three of Us & Her’, ‘Arpit Chourey (Quartet)’ and ‘Rupin Pahwa Collective’ are performing live. Also standup comedians Sandesh Johnny and Toby Thomas would be entertaining at the event. There are dedicated stalls to children and various food stalls celebrating several styles of cuisines would be set up here. Also it’s a pet-friendly place, so yeah the whole family can have fun over there.
The first edition of Hyderabad’s Sunday Soul Sante was organized on 22nd January 2017. And the second edition now would be held on 24th September 2017 at HITEX Convention Grounds, Madhapur. Plan your weekend perfectly now!

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