One of the biggest film industries in India is Kollywood, or Tamil cinema. Kollywood produces hundreds of films a year that feature a wide range of themes, genres, and styles. Certain films are a commercial and critical success, while others are overlooked or underappreciated. We’ll examine the top ten underappreciated Kollywood films of 2023 in this post.

1. Aadukalam:
Aadukalam is a cinematic exploration of the intricate world of rooster-fighters, delving into their intense passion, emotions, and love. The protagonist, Karuppu, finds himself entangled in a complex web of relationships as he navigates the challenges of both love with Irene and the defiance of his boss, Pettaikaran, in the high-stakes arena of rooster fights. The film unfolds as Karuppu’s life becomes a captivating tale of love, rebellion, and the profound connection between man and rooster in this vibrant and emotionally charged narrative.

2. Oh My Kadavule:
Oh My Kadavule, a romantic comedy directed by Ashwath Marimuthu, delves into the themes of love, relationships, and destiny. Ashok Selvan plays a young guy who, after inadvertently entering paradise, is given another chance at love in the film. Even with great reviews and a lot of excellent word-of-mouth, the movie could not achieve the level of commercial success it deserved.

3. Soodhu Kavvum 2:
Nalan Kumarasamy’s dark comedy Soodhu Kavvum 2 delves into issues of greed, corruption, and criminality. A trio of crooks, including Vijay Sethupathi and Sanchita Shetty, are followed throughout the movie as they plot a heist that goes wrong. The film performed poorly at the box office despite winning praise from critics for its excellent narrative and acting.

4. Kallan:
Kallan, a criminal thriller directed by Rohit Nandakumar, delves into the concepts of forgiveness, redemption, and retribution. In the movie, Sibi Sathyaraj plays a young man who wants to exact revenge on the mafia who killed his father. Though the film garnered praise for its compelling storyline and striking performers, it was unable to capture the interest of viewers.

5. Maha:
Maha, a psychological thriller directed by UR Jameel, delves into the themes of trauma, memory, and identity. The movie tells the tale of a young lady who, in the role of Hansika Motwani, has flashbacks and hallucinations of a horrific occurrence in her past. The film’s box office success was lacklustre, even though its unusual premise and Hansika’s performance garnered plaudits.

6. Pudhupettai:
Pudhupettai is a 2006 Indian Tamil-language crime action film, creatively crafted and directed by Selvaraghavan. The movie features Dhanush in the lead role, supported by Sonia Agarwal and Sneha in significant roles. The narrative unfolds the journey of a student residing in the slums of Pudhupettai, who, in the pursuit of survival, transforms into a formidable gangster in the rough terrains of North Chennai. The film explores the gritty realities of life, taking the audience on a compelling journey through the protagonist’s evolution from a humble student to a feared figure in the criminal underworld.

7. Rocketry:
The Nambi Effect, a biographical drama directed by R Madhavan, delves into the life of Nambi Narayanan, a former scientist of the Indian Space Research Organisation. The film, which also features Madhavan in the title character, won plaudits for its accurate depiction of Nambi’s life and the Indian space race. However, because of its limited distribution and the COVID-19 epidemic, it did not achieve the commercial success it deserved.

8. Yaarukkum Anjael:
Yaarukkum Anjael, a dark comedy directed by Vignesh Karthick, delves into the themes of friendship, betrayal, and revenge. In order to exact revenge on their unfaithful friend, a gang of friends—played by Rio Raj, Vani Bhojan, and others—plan a heist. Even though the film’s clever narrative and strong acting won accolades, its box office performance was lacklustre.

9. Kuttram Kadithal:
Directed by Bramma, “Kuttram Kadithal” is a socially impactful drama that explores the interconnected lives of individuals following a tragic incident. Merlin, a newlywed and a fresh addition to the teaching profession, finds herself at the center of a life-altering situation on her inaugural day at school. Agreeing to substitute for a colleague, she unwittingly becomes entangled in an unforeseen turn of events when she disciplines a mischievous student, setting off a chain reaction that significantly impacts her life.

10. Vaazhl:
Vaazhl, a philosophical drama directed by Arun Prabu Purushothaman, examines the concepts of life, purpose, and transformation. In the movie, Pradeep Anthony plays a young man who sets off on a self-discovery quest to find his real self. Due to insufficient promotion, the picture did not do well at the box office even though it was praised for its powerful tale and amazing cinematography.

In conclusion, Kollywood released a number of genuinely outstanding films in 2023, although many of them were overlooked or received little praise. The aforementioned films merit greater acclaim for their original ideas, gripping narratives, and outstanding performances. In the future, we hope that more viewers will find and value these undiscovered treasures.

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