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Abhishekam lo use chesey items valla vacche labam


Abhishekam is a process of cleansing the deity with water and other items. This is performed while chanting mantras of the respective deity. Usual ones used are milk, honey, curd, sugar, ghee, sandal paste, coconut, rice powder, sesame oil, turmeric, bhasmam, kastooree water and many many more.

Benefits of using each one of them are:

1. When a mixture of using Pancha Kavyam (milk,curd,ghee, cows urine, cow dung) – Removes all sins01 Benefits of things used in any Abhishekam
2. Panchamrutham (ripe banana, jaggery, candy sugar, seedless dates, honey, dry fruits) – Gives wealth
3. With Ghee – Gives moksha and rescues us from all the illness
4. With milk – gives long life
5. With curd – a blessing for children
6. With Sandal Paste Abhishekam – Increases luck and gets good health
7. With Coconut Water Abhishekam – Increases overall wellness of family
8. With Lemon Abhishekam – Get rid of fear of death
9. With SUGAR CANE JUICE (or candy) – Gives good health and removes enmity
10. With COOCKED RICE (ANNAM) – Gives Majestic life, Raajya Praapti
11. With WATER (Mixed with Ganga Jal) – Peace
12. With COW’S MILK – for progeny, to ward off snake curse etc
13. With BHASMAM – Destruction of great sins
14. With TURMERIC – for healing, recovery from diseases, and matrimony

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