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Amazing Ways To Make Your Nail Paint Last Longer


If you look your absolute best, from top to toe then the last thing you would want is a chipped nail paint- a tiny blemish that can ruin your whole look. Getting your nails done at the parlor cannot be possible when your days are this busy. So, here we are presenting some hacks for your nail paint to last longer.

  1. Prepare your nails first 

To remove all the grime or oiliness from nails dip your nails in vinegar for 2-3 minutes and wash them later. add some shampoo in lukewarm water and soak your fingers in it. This will ensure that the nails are absolutely clean and dry.

2. Apply Base Coat

Apply a clear base coat first because it protects the nail paint from getting smudged and helps it stick on better and longer.

3. Apply thin Coats

Make sure that your base coat has dried then apply your preferred nail color as in one thin layer. do the same process again for two to three times.

4. Avoid too many layers

 The secret behind a long-lasting nail color lies in applying thin layers of paint. Apply thin coats, and allow drying maximum time between coats. This will give even, smooth and professionally done nails.

5. Finishing Touch

Coloring your nails can never be complete without a top coat. It is as important as the base coat. Apply a very thin coat of clear paint to complete the look as finishing touch. To prolong the life of your nail paint, you should apply the top coat again after a couple of days, it maintains the same look for days.

Tip: Once your nail paint is dry then apply a few drops of olive oil on it because it maintains well.


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