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Apple iPhones are Slowing Down, People are really freaking out! Why? Explained!!


The delay in typing in messages, or the lag in loading my mail on my iPhone, has been explained. Apple has confirmed that it does deliberately slow down the operation of older iPhones and says it is doing so to avoid the devices from shutting down because of aging batteriesapple iphoneFrom long 1 month I’ve been suffering from my device speed and everyday i am experiencing sudden shutdowns too and done every test like Antutu Ram Speed and Diagnosis and restored done all the things but still, I’m facing same lags and throttlings in my device. Finally, i found that Apple has confirmed that it is officially slowing down all the older iPhones.

Here you can check that actual iPhone 5S speed is 60741 but my device iPhone 5s scored just 51903 it was a really huge difference because Apple in recent updates added a feature to slow down the Ram speed. I was on iOS 11.2.5 Beta 2 it is the latest one apple users can able to use by signing into Beta.

Here is the reason.

Well, how many times you have charged you phones till now from the day you brought? we are not aware of that! but we have to care about it because every Phone manufacturer will care about our battery charges, Apple iPhone has a limit of 500 charges, after 500 Full battery charges only 80% of the battery can be utilised because the battery will start draining too fast after 1 year the reason is for sure we will charge our device 500 times in a year so the batteries used by Apple are Lithium-ion which will loss its energy after a year it seems to battery drains. It’s better Apple should need to add a feature to show our battery status in Battery module.

With the recent Update every old Apple iPhone getting slower because Apple said that “ We will care that our every device should need work better and longer” as the devices are getting older but Apple still gives updates to older devices too even still my iPhone 5s getting all the recent updates and even I can able to go through Betas.

Apple says it’s doing this to protect your phone. As the lithium-ion batteries in the phone age, they can’t handle processing demands at the same capacity, which causes the phone to shut down unexpectedly. It released an update to stop those unexpected shutdowns, which also means that the phones work a little more slowly.

If your device is a year older and you are facing the same issue then it is better to change the battery, because a guy tried with his iPhone 6s before changing the battery he runned CPU speed test which results 600 MHz where after his battery got changed and tested the result is doubled like Clock speed increased to 1400 MHz. Here we got everything like if your phone getting slower it means that you have completed 500 charges and your battery got an aged and recent update which has a feature like to slow down aged battery phones, which will never slow down if your battery is fine.

Hope you got everything well and if your iPhones relates the same do write us feedback in the comments section below with Antutu speed Test Application which is absolutely free in App Store and Stay tuned to Wirally Tech for more Tech Stories

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