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Apple is expected to release 3 new iPhones next year – including a supersized iphone X


Reports from KGI Securities revealed on Monday, Apple is currently working on next iPhone series, iPhone X was unanimously hitting the Mobile market with its unique features and has successfully sold about 5 Million Handsets around the Globe.

What can we expect for next year from Apple?
As per KGI Securities reports next year september ki apple 3 new iPhone series launch kosam work chestondi, present trending phone iPhone X designs lone next vache anni phones untai so the next generation of iPhones will be gorgeous.appleNext year release ayye iPhones lo oka phone large display tho vastundi size 6.5” OLED display tho High-end model ga vastundi and Next one will be same like present iPhone X with the size 5.8” and there would be some upgrades.
Third iPhone is a different Low variant which costs $649 – $749 but deeniki OLED display use cheyyatledu it will come with 6.1” TFT-LCD display with same iPhones X design and Facial ID will continues and no home button for next 3 iPhones.
Seems like officially Apple Touch ID is dead and iPhone 8 will be the last phone with Touch ID.
2018 ki Apple Sales baaga increase cheyyadaniki plan chestundi 2018 1st Quarter ki 25-30 Million iPhone X models release ayyela manufacturing units work chestunnai and Apple Aimed to launch 100-120 Million Handsets by the end of 2018 and its gonnahit market with huges models next year.Apple fans ki feast eh inka, Apple has already ranked top in forbes eppatike Apple shares value $903.6 Billion lo undi almost it reached near to $1 Trillion.

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