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Athala Kuthala Paathalam : A Passionate Tale Of Realizing Your Dreams!!


With more and more Telugu short films making their foray through YouTube, it sometimes makes us wonder the bundle of talent that is yet to be tapped through these short films. Sravan Pandurangi’s latest short film Athala Kuthala Paathalam is a passionate tale of a son who aspires to become a theatre artist to which his father opposes and how he proves himself in front of his father.

Athala Kuthala Paathaalam, which are three primary layers of the Earth, Athala – the outer and exposed layer, Kuthala – The substantial layer of earth’s crust that lies in between the exposed and the deepest parts of earth and Paathala – the deepest and the final layers of earth. Metaphorically meaning the Act , the Thought and the Process involved in converting your thoughts into actions, in the perspective of a Character.

Shot in the famous Surabi theatre, the movie might seem simple as a story but has some intense moments spread throughout the movie. Amidst many cliched short films that are coming in these times, Athala Kuthala Paathalam comes as impressive one from the team of Sravan and Sriman Visuals. Kudos to the team for getting out this intense drama succesfully. The movie stars Mohan Sivalenka, Thiruveer, Pawan Ramesh in the leads while cinematography was handled by Sriman Keerthi. Music was given Ashic Arun and the impressive art work was done by Kranthi Priyam.

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