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8 Advantages of staying in a Bachelors room


Once you are start your graduation, there is some unknown wings that make you float up in the air. The freedom unfolds and multiplies even without your knowledge. The joy of having fun in this adolescent age is a different high altogether. And one of the d2erivatives of the fun during this age is staying along with your graduations friends. The Bachelor room moments start from there and continue forever. Though it is a combination of ups and downs, it is the way you perceive this phase.

While there are many benefits staying in a bachelors room, here we tried to list out the most common of all.

That is the common principle followed in regards to everything from groceries to deos.bachelors

Your first resort when you are in need of money, your roomies!!

“Mama bike ivvu ra, ikkadi daka vellostha!!”

“Arey G musukoni o two days em taagaku”.

You shirt is his and his shoes are yours. So peace out!!

From electricity bill to booze parties, sharing in everything. No burden on anyone.

You just need to utter the word ‘party’ and the whole room will turn into a dance floor.

You girlfriend will also become a roomie in no time!

If you have anymore common advantages like these, do mention them in the comments section below.

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