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Bengaluru Hacker Rewarded $15,000 For Saving Facebook From A Bug


An ethical hacker, Anand Prakash from Bengaluru found a flaw in Facebook’s security, which if exposed could have become a serious threat to the social media giant. Anand found the vulnerability which could let the hacker access a user’s photos, messages and even debit and credit card details stored in the payment section.

Upon reporting the same, Facebook acknowledged it and rewarded Anand with a wooping amount of $15,000 (approximately Rs10 lacs) considering the severity and impact of the vulnerability. The bug could be used to hack into other user’s Facebook account easily without any user interaction which will give full access by setting a new password.

Terming this as a ‘responsible disclosure’ Anand has even provided us with a video of how one could easily access accounts. Check the video here if you are interested.

And yes, the bounty was confirmed.

Looking at the bug disclosed even from a non-technical point of view, one can say that he definitely deserves it!!

Thank you, Anand for saving our Facebook accounts!!

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