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Top 15 Best Cafes in Hyderabad That You Must Visit in 2023


Expensive does not always equate to delightful when it comes to the best cafes in Hyderabad. In other words, not every jazzy cafe with three zeros at the end of the bill will be worthwhile. Who wants to blow their entire monthly dining-out money in one lunch? So, we’re here to assist you in discovering the top cafés in Hyderabad that are also affordable.

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15. The Hole in the Wall Cafe, Jubilee Hills:

Whether or not you want to tan for the day or you may like to live indoors. You can get everything you need in this top cafe in Hyderabad, including cozy seating and excellent music. Whole wheat burgers were also introduced in Hyderabad at this café. Therefore, if you regularly work out and detest junk food, perhaps a protein-rich chicken burger on a whole wheat bun will convince you otherwise. Additional color options for these sliders include red, blue, green, yellow, and black, even when it is not Pride Month.

14. Cafe Graffiti, Banjara Hills:

Cafe Graffiti, a popular hangout place for college students, offers a variety of food options, including sandwiches, burgers, spaghetti, milkshakes, and mocktails. Indeed kebabs. You must also be aware that the cafe is somewhat hefty on the stomach given its appeal to college students and also easy on the wallet. Well, running a low-cost cafe in the exclusive Banjara Hills may not be as rebellious as spray-painting graffiti on walls. But it’s quite nearby.

13. Sofrehh Persian Bistro, Jubilee Hills:

You should not overlook this eatery if you enjoy Middle Eastern food. One of Hyderabad’s greatest cafes is Sofrehh Persian Bistro. The decor in this restaurant is also Persian-themed, not just the food. If you’re in the mood for falafel and hummus, you should stop by this eatery.

12. Autumn Leaf Cafe, Jubilee Hills:

Another bungalow in Hyderabad that has been converted into a cafe, this one has a bohemian feel. They have all the elements of boho design, including mismatched furniture, eclectic artwork, and an on-site store selling eccentric clothing and home goods. Lunch at the cafe is ideal because of the surrounding trees which don’t just get highlighted in the fall.

11. Klimom Farm Cafe, Jubilee Hills:

This is one of Hyderabad’s best cafes, known for its farm-fresh treats. It is located near the lovely KBR Park. Additionally, it has other ties to the natural world. Every food served here is created from scratch, and they even make their dairy products. Even the environment is naturalistic; trees are creating a canopy, a cow installation, and recycled plastic bird feeders. The cafe’s name may be challenging to say, but its goal is straightforward. Being at one with nature.

10. The Big Cup Theory, Madhapur:

The Big Cup Theory, one of Madhapur’s most well-liked cafés, is renowned for its numerous coffee selections and retro interior design. A good place to unwind with your pals is here. Additionally, give them a hot beverage and listen to Sheldon Cooper if one of them is depressed. We advise trying their Hot Chocolate, Latte, and Spicy Cinnamon Coffee.

9. Guilt Trip, Banjara Hills:

This Banjara Hills Cafe is renowned for its tranquil atmosphere. It is also situated in a pretty lovely area. And it’s a hat trick if you prefer dessert over dinner! Your affection for their cheesecakes and cupcakes will endure forever. You won’t feel guilty every time you visit this cafe to satisfy a sugar desire because it is also one of Hyderabad’s more budget-friendly establishments.

8. The Gallery Cafe, Banjara Hills:

You can amaze your date by discussing surrealism and abstract art with them because the cafe doubles as an art gallery and is surrounded by works of art. You can also ask them for some pencils and brushes if you get creative. Even though it is a vegetarian cafe, non-vegetarians frequently visit as well. Thanks to its signature dishes, the Lebanese Platter, Herbs and Cream Pasta, and Cheese Corn Nuggets.

7. Hummingbird Cafe, Madhapur:

This Madhapur eatery has pastel-color furnishings. Everything in the room is pastel color, including the birdhouses, the bicycle at the entrance, and the wall-mounted mirrors. It’s ideal for a meal outside on the grass due to the relaxing atmosphere created by the decor. They offer a lot of the typical café fare, but their hot chocolate should be your top priority. However, you don’t only come here for the food. To improve your Instagram game, you also come here to take images of the decor.

6. China Bistro, Kondapur:

Here’s another buffet to mention. Since they serve authentic Chinese cuisine, as you could have guessed from the name, this cafe’s buffet is different from the others. So start with some soup and their dim lunch. Then on to some Schezwan Noodles and Mongolian Chicken. Remember to look at the sweets as well. You’ll learn after visiting here that Chinese cuisine consists of much more than just Fried Rice and Chilli Chicken.

5. Masquerade by Mystery Rooms, Gachibowli:

You can enjoy a milkshake and a board game in this cafe. Or make a big deal out of a proper supper. On weekdays, they charge merely Rs. 599 for an unlimited buffet, and on weekends, they charge Rs. They’re also quite well-liked among big buddy groups and even for lunch at work. Well, it’s no “Mystery” that their buffets are fantastic and reasonably priced.

4. F3 Cafe and Bistro, Secunderabad:

F3 Cafe, one of the greatest cafes in Secunderabad, looks stunning both in person and on social media. A bar area with umbrellas and tables is available outside the cafe. Along with cozy indoor seats, each table has a library and board games. There’s more, hold on. You must try their Chicken Fritters and Lebanese Platter. And appear stunning on your Instagram account.

3. Coffee Cup, Secunderabad:

In Secunderabad, the Coffee Cup is the ideal cafe for a relaxing Sunday afternoon. As you wait for your order, you can play any of the many board games they have. Who says you have to quit once your lunch is finished? Up until the time for Karaoke nights at Coffee Cup, you can keep competing with your pals at a game of Monopoly. Then, while singing along to your favorite Coldplay song, you may stuff your lips with delicious brownies.

2. Beyond Coffee, Jubilee Hills:

One of Hyderabad’s best coffee shops, Beyond Coffee is a cozy breakfast spot tucked away in Jubilee Hills. Both indoor and outdoor seating is available. There is still disagreement on which of the two is the superior option. However, everyone may agree that their English breakfast and coffee steal the show. You can also sample lamb racks, fish with an herb crust, and seafood chowder. They offer much more than just coffee. Just as their name would imply.

1. Roastery Coffee House, Banjara Hills:

Away from the bustle of the city, in a quiet lane, is where you’ll find this bungalow-turned-cafe. The warm rooms and verdant grounds will make you feel right at home while you’re here. Try their artisan mixes, pour-over, and cold brew variants if you’re here for the caffeine rush. Indulge in some baked fish or cheesy onion rings if you consider yourself to be more of a foodie. While they “grill” you for eating like a pig, your friends.

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