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Top 10 Best Luxury Resorts in Bangalore with Prices


The high-tech industry in India is centered in Bengaluru, often known as Bangalore, which is also well-known among partygoers and outdoor enthusiasts for its vibrant nightlife and verdant parklands. Every year, a sizable influx of tourists goes to this trendy and exciting capital city of Karnataka, where they are enchanted by its beauty and a wide range of enchanting activities. You’ll keep returning to this charming city because of all the fun, entertainment, and rejuvenation alternatives there are. However, you must first select a nice and comfortable lodging if you want to take advantage of everything it has to offer. Check out the greatest luxury resorts in Bangalore listed below, then pick the one that most appeals to your whims and fancy.

List of Best Luxury Resorts in Bangalore with Prices

Choose from this fantastic selection of resorts in Bangalore that will spoil you with the best amenities and limitless comfort.

1. Angsana

Price range: INR 10,000.
One of Bangalore, Karnataka’s luxury resorts, Angsana, is renowned for its quiet environment and serene surroundings. This location is appropriate for a couple looking to go out and spend the weekend together. The resort atmosphere and the depth of Indian culture are expertly merged in Angsana. The spacious resort, which is surrounded by vegetation, is regarded as Bangalore’s premier luxury resort. The spa is one of the most fascinating places to unwind and refresh, and the garden area is kept up nicely. A lot of visitors find the resort’s location to be intriguing. The expansive views of the hills make it the ideal location for total rest and renewal.

2. Guhantara Resort

Starting range: INR 6000
One of Bangalore’s most opulent resorts, Guhantara Resort is the only resort in India’s Underground Cave that provides a wide range of activities for guests of all ages. The Guhantara resort successfully combines luxury and beauty. Despite being close to the city, this resort offers the impression of being far away in a cave.
The word “Guha” in Kannada means cave, and the moment you set foot on the resort’s grounds, you’ll notice that it’s different and special. Because it has the best deals and can house many guests at once, this cave-dwelling resort is popular among corporations. As a result, it is a luxury resort in Bangalore, Karnataka, where many events are held.

3. Golden Amoon Resort

Starting range: INR 5000
Confident Amoon is the ideal destination to hang out with if you want to discover Egypt in Bangalore and are interested in luxury resorts in Bangalore for a day trip. This resort is chic and sophisticated in every way. The Tutan Khamun monument with waterfalls produces a lovely effect for people who appreciate nature. The sound of chirping birds and the rush of water enhance the charm of the area. One of the top luxury resorts in Bangalore for families, there are about 29 swimming pools and gorgeous golf courses to keep you active all the time. A luxury experience is provided by the gym, swimming pools, parks, and rejuvenation facilities.

4. The Eagleton Resort

Starting range: INR 5000
The Eagleton Golf resort is considered one of the best locations to go if you’re seeking a weekend getaway and want to stay in a luxurious resort in Bangalore. This resort is beautiful and large, covering countless acres of land. The resort as a whole has an attractive aspect thanks to the well-kept golf course. Long hikes inside the grounds while taking in the scenery can be a unique experience. Every dish provided is certain to pique your appetite and tickle your taste senses.

5. Golden Palms

Starting range: INR 9000
Visit Golden Palms, one of the best fancy hotels in Bangalore, Karnataka, if you desire to experience an international facility and outstanding hospitality. With excellent service and countless amenities like a pool, sauna, delicious food, and more, Golden Palms aims to provide the greatest client experiences possible. The 75,000-square-foot spa at this resort provides some of the best rubs and other services to unwind your body and mind. One of the most fascinating features of this resort is its claim to have the biggest swimming pool in the rest of the country. With its majestic architecture and 150 rooms, with well-architected villas, the resort is among the best in Bangalore for newlywed couples.

6. Olde resort

Starting range: INR 7000
For a day trip, this is among Bangalore’s top luxury resorts. All guests can enjoy a pretty tranquil setting thanks to the resort’s beautiful surroundings and architecture. The resort’s highly qualified staff members take care to give their guests all they need to be lavishly pampered and have an unforgettable stay. In addition to having large rooms and conference spaces, this resort is ideal for both family reunions and business meetings of all kinds. Other enticing features of this magnificent house include the jacuzzi and swimming pool.

7. Palm Meadows Resort

Starting range: INR 6000
In addition to having exquisite architecture and design, Palm Meadows Club also provides first-rate customer service. Wine, dine, and enjoy yourself at this opulent resort for a once-in-a-lifetime event. This is the place to go if you’re seeking top-notch hospitality and top-notch customer service. Concerning flavor and variety, the restaurant provides an excellent dining experience. The resort, which is stretched out over a wide region and is synonymous with flair, glitz, and grandeur, is the ideal choice for a honeymoon. For a day trip, this is unquestionably one of Bangalore’s top luxury resorts.

8. Clarks Exotica Convention Resort

Starting range: INR 8000
This opulent resort in Bangalore is a great joy where you may have a wonderful time with your loved ones. The accommodations inside the resort will astound you, and the rooms are suitably roomy. The cuisine selection is excellent, and the hospitality staff is outstanding, setting the bar for top-notch customer service. One of Bangalore’s best luxury resorts, Clarks Exotica Convention Resort and Spa, is a great choice if you want to spend some time in a serene yet opulent resort.

9. Kanva Star Resort

Starting range: INR 8000
Kanva Star Resort is one of the best resorts for a wonderful outing with family and friends. One of the main reasons visitors arrive in great numbers at the resort is its location. The events planned for recreational activities are also excellent. The cuisine provided here is diverse and sure to tempt your palate. You can take walks in the morning and evening while you’re here to enjoy nature at its finest. So, if you want to have a special experience with your family, you visit this gorgeous resort in Bangalore.

10. Bannerghatta Nature Camp and Jungle Lodges

Starting range: INR 8000
Bannerghatta Nature Camp & Jungle Lodges may be your finest option among Bangalore’s upscale resorts for a day trip if you’ve ever desired to experience living in the wild. A unique experience in Bangalore is spending time in nature and seeing wildlife within city limits, and this location is ideal for that. Despite being near the city borders, this location offers you a fantastic sense of being in a rural environment. Due to the kid-friendly amenities and activities offered here, including the Butterfly Park, this might be a fantastic option for families with children. You can enter a completely new universe when you stay in the natural and rustic accommodations.

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