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The First Humanist Cafe In Hyderabad – Portafilter


What is humanism..? philosophical and ethical stance that emphasizes the value and agency of human beings, and who are humanist..?? supporting the principles of humanism. Enti edho social class tisukunattu undha? No, I’m actually talking about a cafe. The first humanist cafe in India.

First Humanist Cafe

Actually yes, ippati varaku ilanti oka kind of cafe hyderabad lo ne kadu India lo ne kuda ledu anta. Interesting right? asalu antha special enti? Em untundhi anukuntunnara?? So to give you an idea of what exactly is Humanist cafe, you should visit Portafilter in Madhapur.

Portafilter is all about coffee, innovative food and great conversations with intellectual people.

Portafilter welcomes you with a buddha, e statue ki halo undadhu, which doesn’t represent any holiness. Inka cafe lo enter avagne, you can see a lot of humanist quotes. Ivvani world wide ga famous ayina valu chepinavi or rasinavi untai.

The most interesting thing in this cafe is the evolution of humanane art, oka human from ape to present generation ela ayyadu anedhi, wall midha paint laga untundhi. Probably this is where the whole concept came from.

Oka manchi calm ambience tho paatu, good food and great thoughts in one place ante, chala cool kada. May be anduke apudu apudu manam ilanti places ki kuda velthu undali. We never know how others think about us or the world.

So isari kastha time dorikithe e humanist cafe lo ki meru kuda human laga velipondi.

Where : Silicon colony, Madhapur,

Cost for two : 400 for two people

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