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Hyderabad “Cop” Mobile Application Launched As A Step Towards Digital India..!!


Empowering the front-line police officers for smart policing on par with Global Standards,
towards achieving Global level security measures and on the go precautions, Hyderabad police app has been launched. The press release stated the following salient features and functionalities of the application…

Hyderabad COP is a mobile based application for the internal use of Hyderabad City Police. All the IT applications and databases currently in use in Hyderabad City Police have been made available to the officers in the field through this Hyd COP application on smart phones of all officers and staff of Hyderabad City.

4The officers on the field operations/jobs can capture the data from the crime scene/place of work, update the same into the various applications, analyze and process the data and obtain the reports online on their mobile phones.
The Hyd COP, a mobile technology application will revolutionize the way Hyderabad City Police works and will enable and empower every policemen on the streets right upto the constables in terms of use of technologies and smart methods of policing. This will enable access to modern technologies to each and every policeman of the department. This technology is expected to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of every police officer deployed on the streets. This will be a game changer for Hyderabad City Police in transforming themselves into smart cops.
All the front line police officers will have online access to all the data bases and applications through their smart phones/tabs on 24/7 basis specific to their role which will enable them to perform the duties assigned to them in a smart and effective way improving standards of service delivery to public.
This will enable frontline police officers to get processed intelligence inputs online in real time for solving various crimes from the crime scenes itself through access to multiple databases, applications, data mining tools, big data analytics, GIS mapping etc.
This will enable faster identification and tracking of suspects, quicker resolving of cases and enhanced convictions to the offenders. above all those technology will transform every frontline police officer into a tech savvy smart police officer.
This will also enable cops to proactively prevent crimes through real time intelligence inputs relating to crime and criminals. These technologies will bring in transparency and accountability in every police officer.
This application will facilitate every employee of the Police department to upload the work turned out by them for the day through their smart phones.
This will enhance criminal surveillance through real time monitoring of the jail releases
This will enable better police community relations through technology linkages
The employees will get all their pay, leave and other service related details in real time.
The front line police officers will have access to the locations of CCTV cameras situated around any crime scene in real time. They shall have the information about the police officer/patrol cars available in the neighborhood for accessing to their services in case of any need.

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