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Different types of Vegetarians – Which type are you?


In India when someone says that they are Non-vegetarian, we understand that they eat meat, chicken, fish etc. But the main complication comes with vegetarians coz we find a variety of people who call them vegetarians but with applied conditions. Following are general types of vegetarians world knows.

Pure Vegetarianvegetarianism

They strictly don’t eat animal flesh or eggs. Their diet includes plant and dairy products etc


This is Ulta pure vegetarianism. They not only exempt animal meat from diet but also doesn’t consume any food that is produced by animals like milk, honey, eggs. Veganism is followed by those who believe animals shouldn’t be used for human purposes.

Following are typical Indian categories, Let’s see how it would be if they are given a name!

Eggetarian – Vegetarians with additional benefits

Everything vegetarian with an exception of an egg.

Cakeytarian – It’s okay if it is not physically visible

These are a type of vegetarians who generally say no to egg but are okay to have products which have egg in them like cakes and biscuits.

Gravytarian – Like the flavor but not the piece

They eat the gravy from non-veg curry but not pieces. They eat rice from chicken biryani but not chicken.

Restrictarian – Dual role!

They eat non-veg outside the house but not inside. These are non-vegetarians for friends and vegetarians for the family.

Boozytarian – All is fair when you drink!

They eat non-veg for munching only when they drink. Otherwise, they say no to non-veg.

Forcetarian – Are vegetarians unless acted upon by an external force

Eats non-veg only when friends force.

Caledertarian – Day determines the food!Pure vegetarians on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday but can eat anything on rest of days.


They eat only chicken from the non-veg menu. Rest all are vegetarian.

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