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Eid Is Here! 5 Dishes Without Which Bakrid Is Incomplete


Bakrid is a significant Muslim festival falling on the 30th and 31st of July. The festival is celebrated in solidarity with the Hajj pilgrims, and Muslims all across the world sacrifice a goat in significance to the sacrifice made by Ibrahim.
Bakrid is also known as the festival of sacrifice and Muslims, practice fasting and then have a feast made with the goat offered to Allah. On this day they also distribute food and clothes to the poor and needy. The feast also is divided into three parts, all the parts for different reasons. One part goes to the family, the other for relatives and friends, and lastly, the third part is reserved for the needy. So Bakrid is truly the season of celebration and helping those who are in need.
Here are five major foods that you will find in every Bakrid Celebration.

1.Mutton Biryani

What is a Muslim festival without biryani? The pride of their cuisine, you are sure to find biryani in every festivity and function of theirs. On the day Bakrid, they use the sacrificed goat meat to prepare scrumptious and delightful Mutton biryani. Bakrid is truly incomplete if there is no Mutton Biryani in the feast.

1 Famous Bakrid Dishes2.Mutton Korma

Another famous dish made with the goat’s meat is the glorious Mutton Korma/Kurma. Goat meat is cooked with a mixture of aromatic spices, ground masalas, herbs and yoghurt. Mutton Korma takes time to cook and the process is laborious. But for what it is, it is worth it.

3.Chapli Kebabs

Chapli Kebabs are made with minced meat and are the star of the show. Originating from Peshawar, they are a part of the Bakrid celebrations every year. Chapli Kebabs can be made with any minced meat, but for Bakrid mutton meat is used. Succulent, juicy and crispy, these kebabs are the best.

4.Dates Shake

Now, with so much meat around you, you need to wash this down with something, right? So, this is when Dates shake comes to your rescue. It is made by blending dates, milk and sugar. Very refreshing, in some areas date shake has an addition of ice cream too. Yum!

5.Sheer Khurma

What is a festival without delicious sweets and desserts? And what is a Muslim festival if there is no Sheer Khurma? Sheer Khurma is a variant of Kheer, made with vermicelli, milk, sugar/honey, dates, cashew and other dry fruits. Rich in flavours, one cannot just stop with a bowl of Sheer Khurma.

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