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Everything You Need To Know About NMC Bill & Why Medicos Are Opposing It


National Medical Commission Bill (NMC Bill), Rajya Sabha lo ee bill pass aina daggara nundi country wide unna medicos, doctors, medical including Medical Council of India (MCI) students antha ee bill ki against ga protest chestunaru. Ee roju ekanga countrywide ga hospitals lo doctors, junior doctors and colleges lo students antha services apesi strike chestunaru.

Assala ee MCI ante enti? villu NMC bill ni enduku oppose chestunaru ? NMC Bill ante enti? Ee bill valla jarige nastam enti? medicos antha roads meedha ki vacchi enduku strikes chestunaru? oppose chestunaru? anedi detailed ga telusukundham………?

Medical Council of India (MCI):

Before independence ante britishers manani rule chesthunna time lo India country lo Medical Services and Education ni control cheyadaniki britishers form chesina body Medical Council of India. 1934 lo ‘Indian Medical Council Act’ dwara first time establish aina ee council still ippati varaku continue avthu India lo unna medical universities, medical colleges & education, hospitals and registered doctors directory ni regulate chesthu vastundi.

Medical colleges or university permissions, MBBS entrance test, exams, course aipoyaka doctors eligibility and vallu practice cheyadaniki kavalasina license varaku anni ee council eh chuskuntundi. Ee council lo well experienced doctors, IAS officers, health ministry officials andaru untaru.

MCI is going to replace by NMC now:

Aithe ippudu Central Government pass chestunna NMC bill valla, ee council and council lo unde officers, ee council regulate chese works anni NMC and indulo undaboye 7 Indian Government officers tho replace chestunaru.

Why this bill is proposed and approved?

1956 nundi ‘Medical Council of India’ dwara continue avuthu vastunna all of sudden enduku kottha council chestunaru?

Medical Council of India valla medicine anedi oka business la maripoyi Indian lo death rate peragadam tho patu poor rural areas lo poor people ki vaidhyam anedi correct ga andhadam ledu ani ee new bill ni propose chesindi Central Government. Simple ga cheppali ante ee bill dwara medical field ni prakshalana tevadaniki propose chesaru.

The NMC Bill proposes to repeal the Indian Medical Council Act, 1956 and replace the Medical Council of India (MCI) with NMC with following key responsibilities mentioned below.

1. Availability of adequate and high quality medical professionals
2. Adoption of the latest medical research by medical professionals
3. Periodic assessment of medical institutions, and
4. An effective grievance redressal mechanism

Idi antha okay but kani ee bill lo maro interesting point entante?

WHO stats prakaram mana India lo proper medical treatment leka poor people endaro suffer avtunnaru and chanipotunaru ani oka survey dwara cheppindi. So, to reduce this government proposed NMC bill with few agendas. Ee bill valla Intermediate complete chesina students ki ika nundi ‘Bridge Course’ ane 6 months medical course untundi. Based on a few tests or guidelines by NMC Bill they’re allowed start a basic treatment like Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homoeopathy (AYUSH) etc etc…!

Why Doctors, Jr. Doctors & Medical students are opposing this bill?

Reason1: NMC lo unde 25 board members lo medicine field tho touch leni vallu 75% unte only 3 members matram well experienced doctors untaru. And villa chethilo pedithe mottham medicine field antha side track avtundi anedi first reason.

Reason2: No powers to state medical bodies, mottham central government and NMC board chethilone undali. Statewide college seats daggara nundi corporate hospitals lo doctor issues varaku edaina implement cheyali anna NMC ni board permission compulsory.

Reason3: Some lakhs lo fees & donations katti 6 years course chesina, chestunna students andariki ippudu ee 6 six months ‘Bridge Course’ valla direct ga suffer avtharu.The Bridge Course for Ayush doctors will have a tremendous negative impact on medical profession and will give rise to corruption in the medical field.

Reason4: Some years course chadivi, specialisation chesi, practice chese doctors valle death toll rate tagginchadam and proper treatments kudaradam ledu alantidi just ‘6 months bridge course’ chesi treatment isthe patients situations enti anedi medicos antha alcohisthunna major point.

Reason5: National Exit Test (NEXT), ee bill ni medicos oppose chestunna strong reasons lo ee test okati. 4.5 years theory and malli 1.5 years specialisation course complete chesaka malli National Exit Test (NEXT) test attempt chesthe kani allopathy cheyadaniki eligibility radanta.

Reason6: It will lead to the degradation of homoeopathic system of medicine. Moreover patients ki low standard medical services anduthayi quality treatment andadhu.

Already oka 8 years theory and practical knowledge gain students ki idi kottha litigation and ippudu unna medicos meedha idi direct ga chala effect chupsitundi. Anduke ee bill ni country wide unna doctors, medical students antha oppose chestunaru.

Almost anni states nundi ee bill ki against ga hospitals lo treatment apesi doctors antha roads ekkaru, medical students kuda classes boycott chesi police chetullo debbalu tintu protests chestunaru. Kani central government matram ee vishayam meedha venakki taggadam ledu.

Government and doctors madhya charchalu jarugutunna ee issue ki correct solution kanukkoni doctors, medical students feature bagundali ani korkundam. Because oka jawan, oka farmer society ki entha avasaramo oka doctor kuda anthe avasaram.

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