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6 Famous Ramzan Delicacies That We Will All Miss Eating This Year!


Ramzan is a holy month in the Muslim calendar. Muslims celebrate Ramadan to commemorate Muhammad and develop self-control. This season witness Muslims fasting from dusk to dawn. During this month, they refrain from impure speech, sexual activities and anything violent. They believe that this is the season to purify themselves and hopefully better their lives. Also, besides fasting there are five pillars of Islam which are observed during this month.

But, what is it about this season that we love? The food, right? Truly, the season of Ramzan is all about its epic food. We wait all year to taste our first haleem of the season and wait is an absolute worth. But, the current lockdown has prevented us to step out of our homes and relish on these delicacies. So, how about we reminiscence our favourite Ramzan foods instead?


Kebabs are found everywhere in the city during the Ramzan period. They are made in almost every Muslim household. Chunks of chicken and mutton are cooked with aromatic spices, curd and herbs. They are saucy, tangy, and tastes like everything nice. We are already drooling!

2.Kheema Samosas

If you are a samosa lover and haven’t tried Kheema samosa, we do not know what you are doing with your lives. Every Iftar celebration is incomplete without these. Usually made with Mutton Kheema, these are an absolute relish to the mouth.

3.Dum Biryani

Biryani is that one dish that requires no introduction in the city of Hyderabad. Made with Basmati rice, succulent mutton/chicken pieces, saffron, ghee, spices and fried onions, Dum biryani is made in every household and restaurant. We honestly cannot imagine our Ramzan without a finger-licking plate of biryani.

4.Paya Curry

Paya in India means legs. The Paya curry is made with the goat trotters. Painfully cooked for over several hours, it is an onion-tomato based dish. It is slow-cooked so that the flavours seep into every bit of the meat. Ah, how we miss eating that scrumptious bowl of Paya curry, right?

5.Sheer Kurma

A Mughlai dessert, wherein Sheer stands for milk and Kurma stands for dates. This is dessert is loved by everyone and its texture, sweetness has a unique and distinct touch to it. It is a vermicelli based dish that is enjoyed by people of all the ages.


The absolute star of the Ramzan season, Haleem is a winner. It is everyone’s favourite and all of us wait all the year to gobble several plates of this dish. Mutton is slow-cooked with spices, herbs, lentils and broken wheat. It has a very sticky like texture and its taste is extremely comforting. Ah! We are already crying about missing our favourite food.

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