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Feeling Stressed? Here Are 7 Foods You Must Include In Your Happiness Diet!


Remember how we all started off 2020 with a bang? For most of us it was a turning point in our lives. Most of us celebrated it for being the end of a decade and a beginning of another. 2020 was supposed to be the best in our lives, wasn’t it?
But, the Corona pandemic has changed our lives. We all are restricted to our homes and it is no shocker that perhaps we will never be able to go back to living our normal lives. All this is quite disturbing and also troubling.
This pandemic has put all through stress, anxiety and depression. While all these need proper medical help, did you know that certain foods have the ability to lighten up your mood? These are not junk food or unhealthy food but are good for your health and also will boost your spirits.
So, here are 7 foods that you must eat when you are feeling low.


We know, beets? But trust us, beetroots are great for your health. They have so many benefits, that you must include them in your regular diet. Beets have a compound called betaine, which release serotonin in the brain, keeping your mind fresh and happy all day long. So if you are sad, just bite into beets.


Seriously, is there anything that the eggs aren’t capable of doing? Known as complete foods, they are loaded with nutrients, vitamins and minerals. They are also popular for building immunity and fighting diseases. Eggs have omega-3-fatty acids, zinc, vitamin B which are responsible for a happy mind. So grab those eggs and prepare your favourite dish each time you are upset.


Your favourite coconuts make it to the list. Several researchers and studies suggest that coconuts are loaded with a chain of tryglycerides, and fats which will improve your mood. But various desserts and sweets are made of coconuts which are high in calories. And you mustn’t stuff yourselves with those unhealthy foods. Try to cut down and eat wisely.


Honey is perhaps the best alternative to sugar. Honey is loaded with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory substances. It also has quercetin and kaempferol which help to keep your mind healthy. The sweetness in the honey also adds to brighten up your mood. The best part is that the sugar impact will not kick in your body. So grab a spoon of honey and lighten up your sulking mood.

5.Green Tea

Green Tea is often applauded for its health benefits and how it does wonders on the belly fat. Drinking Green Tea everyday will not just boost your physical health, but also your mental state and morale. So replace your morning coffee or latte with a Green Tea and enjoy a tension-free day.


Well, there has to be some reason why everyone loves chicken, nai? Chicken is an excellent choice to lighten up your mood and boost your happiness. It has several energy-boosting nutients like zinc, vitamin B6, potassium and zinc. It is also said that chicken fights depression and improves confidence.

7.Dark Chocolate

What is a happy food list without some chocolate? Chocolate changes your mood almost instantly. It is the cocoa present in the chocolate, which helps in easy flow of blood and gives an instant boost to your mind, concentration and self-esteem. And when we say chocolate your packet of Hershey’s bar does not count. Make sure you eat a nice dark chocolate which will definitely change your unpleasant mood.

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