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First Timers: French Army, Dog March, All Women Stunts For 67th Republic Day


With the 67th Republic day celebrations coming their way, the capital city is all geared up as usual on the Rajpath. We are used to watching the state culture parade, army squads marching in synchronisation and the army soldiers performing bike stunts. But, this time the parade has got few things that are happening for the first time. Yes, ofcourse the President of France, Francois Hollande is the chief guest. But, there is more to the list.

First time Foreign Army March

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For the first time since 1950 a foreign army contingent will march down the Rajpath. The 35th Infantry Regiment of 7th Armoured Brigade will be marching alongside our army.

Army Dogs March

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After 26 years, the army dogs will also be marching. A squad of 36 Labradors and German Shepherds will be walking down the Rajpath. The dogs also have been playing a crucial role in safe-guarding our lives through detection of explosives, guarding, etc. The army has given them their due respect by getting them on board this time.

All-Women Stunts

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The stunts performed on bikes are always a major attraction during the parades. But, for the first time an all-women stunt contingent will be showing that women are no less. The team that is named as ‘Women Daredevils CRPF’ comprising of 120 soldiers will be taking part.

So hope this excitement is enough to watch the parade unlike the usual parades we generally watch on a dry-holiday.

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