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Following Traffic Rules Will Land You A Selfie With Police Officers on Facebook


If you take a look closely, Hyderabad traffic police have been striving in every way to ensure that we follow the basic traffic rules. The imposition of challans or constant checking of vehicles have gone rigorous for quite some time now.

They are not just standing beside the roads and seeing that we follow traffic rules, but have been quite active on social media with campaigns to follow traffic rules. What comes more interesting is the Police department under the SP of Ranga Reddy District have come up with an initiative to take selfies with citizens who follow traffic rules.

You might be wondering – ‘what is it to take a selfie with a police officer? I hardly know him.’

True, you hardly know him! But, they won’t stop there. You will feature on their facebook page which will show, if not to the whole world, the people around you that you are a law abiding citizen. You will definitely be a role model to many.


Even the police officer won’t get any benefit from taking a selfie with you except the satisfaction that there are law abiding citizens around them who know how to take care of themselves by following rules.

What else do they need?

Follow traffic rules. Be a role model! Be a citizen!!

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