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Foods You Should Take When Suffering From A Bad Stomach


Having a bad stomach is a painful thing to suffer through, it causes a great amount of discomfort and it makes you weak and nauseous while causing symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea and indigestion, but don’t you worry foodie, there are a number of foods that you can eat to relieve yourself of this pain.

Let’s take a look at some of the foods you should eat


Bananas are a rich source of potassium and they are great to eat when you’re suffering from nausea, they are also easily digestible as they contain essential minerals like iron, and folate. Bananas also contain pectin, which is a naturally occurring fiber that binds the sugar and fruit acid,thus aiding you if you’re suffering from diarrhea.


Curd is a probiotic food, which has the ability to control the pH level of your body, it controls the acid levels and maintains a healthy balance. It also contains healthy gut bacteria which helps in clearing out the digestive system and helps in treating an upset stomach.


Rice is a bland food which is easy to digest, bland foods are good to eat while having an upset stomach as they don’t put any added pressure on the digestive system, rice also contains fiber which helps in stopping diarrhea.

Coconut Water

Keeping yourself hydrated is very important if you’re having a bad stomach day, Coconut water helps if you’re suffering from loose motions or constipation, it is filled with electrolytes like sodium and potassium which are really essential for maintaining the proper functioning of our body.


Oats are full of carbohydrates, which are important for the body to function. Once eaten, carbohydrates are slowly released in your system which helps in keeping your strength up. Oats are also a rich source of fibers, and fibers are known to aid in digestion, thus helping you through a bad tummy day.


Papaya contains an enzyme called papain which creates an acidic environment in the stomach which helps in digestion, the enzymes break down proteins in the stomach and create a healthy acid balance in your stomach, they also promote the natural digestive processes which can help reduce indigestion.


Mint is a great choice if you’re suffering from a bad stomach, the menthol which is present in mint assists with reducing muscle spasms, so it may help provide relief from gas and stomach cramping. Mint is very useful if you’ve eaten too much or you feel too full.

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