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Have You Seen This Picture Of Corona Pakoda Which Is Viral On The Net?


A picture of Pakoda shaped like Corona virus is trending on the Internet and everyone is simply raving about it.
Corona virus has become a global pandemic and everyone is just worried about it. There is a global lockdown everywhere. People are not allowed to step out of their homes and can stay out only for shopping essentials. The shops are getting shut by 6 pm and let us just say that all this is pretty messed up.

India has declared a 21-day complete lockdown for all its citizens From transport to, hotels, everything is closed for now. But the government servants, medical staff, police and the janitors are working day and night to keep us safe. But, let us be honest, isn’t it slightly boring to sit at home all day? So, people all around are trying to beat their boredom by coming up with several campaigns and contests. And, certainly most youngsters are trying to make much of this situation by learning how to cook or by experimenting with their food. Not just that, they are sharing all of it on their social media handles for others to see, enjoy and hopefully learn it too. One such person is, Kanishka Wijesekara, who posted an image of Corona Pakoda on his twitter handle. Corona Pakoda, you ask? Yes, a pakoda cooked in a way which represents corona virus.

Spherical shaped, tiny outgrowths, coming out of it, the picture instantly went viral all acorss Twitter and Instagram. Who would have thought that a simple dish made with vegetables, deep fried in rice flour batter could break the internet?
Creative and fun approach to food, do you guys also have any similar ideas like this?

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