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10 Disturbing Facts About Hitler Prove Why He Was The Most Creepiest Creature In History


Adolf Hitler ee peru vinte chalu mana kalla mundu oka krurathvam, racharikam, banisathvam, athani chesina racist palana anni manaki strike avthayi. World history lone Hitler oka terrible dictator, tana dictatorship tho prapancha deshalanu gada gadaladinchadu athani gurinchi konni vishayalu vinte…athadi loni maro angle and creepy soul unnada meeru shock avtharu.

1. According to some medical reports Hitler had only 1 testicle and micro penis.

2. Hitler had gastro intestinal problems and he used to fart frequently and he insisted on taking medicines for that.

3. Hitler had a relationship with his own niece without her concern he forced her to had sex with him.

4. Hitler was nationless for 7 years and he is a Austrian not German.

5. Hitler took injections of bull semen to enhance his sexual efficiency.

6. He is vegetarian, non-drinker but he is addicted to drugs, his daily routine includes 12 kinds of drugs and 1 KG Chocolate per day.

7. He practiced his speeches by taking photos of himself in various poses.

8. Hitler tried to turn the entire Moscow city into a lake.

9. While having sex he like to get kicked by women and enjoy their deficate on him.

10. There are 42 known assassination plots planned to kill Hitler. In 1944 Hitler executed 5000 people after they failed to kill him.

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