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Homemade Popsicles Recipe


Summer lo there’s nothing better than eating cool popsicles, hot summer lo. Ivvi homemade, inka fruits toh chestharu kaabatti healthy kuda. Here’s a recipe of popsicles to keep you cool.

What you need:Popsicle molds (Available at plastic stores or Amazon)
Any fruit: Orange, Mosambi, Mango, Lime, Watermelon

1.Fruits inka honey mixie lo vesi puree cheyandi
2.Sweetness entha avasaramo antha sugar esukovandi
3.Popsicle molds lo ee puree vesi, freezer lo pettandi4.If it is not staying in place, molds ni base toh tape cheyandi
5.Freeze it for minimum 6 hrs, or overnight.

Juicy inka tasty popsicles ready!

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