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How To Make ‘Aamras’ (Mango Puree) In Three Simple Steps


Summer season end ayipoyndi, inka mana favourite fruit ki kuda bye bye chepey time ocheysindi. Inka last few mangoes ni complete ga relish cheskoni utmost satisfaction osthey varaku tinali anipisthundi. Mangoes lo chala varieties osthai inka ee mangoes tho yenno different inka delicious recipes ni cheskovachu. One such recipe which stands out in the list is the famous “Aamras” which is flavoured and sweetened mango pulp.

Ee aamras Ni traditional ga piping hot puri, bajji inka different combinations tho relish chestharu. Ee aamras simple ga oka bowl motham okey sari complete cheyochu, ledu antey me favourite ice creams leda desserts combinations tho relish cheskovachu. Ee simple aamras ni intlo cheskovadam chala easy, 3 simple steps ni follow avuthey chala your favourite aamras is ready in minutes.

Ingredients For Aamras:

Cardamom powder: 1/4 tsp

Saffron: A pinch

Mangoes (Alphonso): 1-2 ripe and sweet

Milk: 1-2 tbsp (optional)

Powdered sugar: 1 tbsp (optional)

Steps For Making Aamras:

First, Aamras cheskovali antey, first mangoes wash inka peel cheskovali. Wash chesina tarvatha mangoes ni bite-sized chunks laga cut cheskoni blender loki add cheyali. Dintlo cardamom ni add chesi oka smooth pulp consistency ochey varaku blend cheskovali.

Oka vela mangoes sweet ga lekuntey 1 tbsp powdered sugar ni add chesi sweetness ni increase cheskovachu. If you feel the pulp is too thick, apudu 1-2 tbsp milk add cheskoni pulp ni koncham thin consistency laga cheskochu. Once you add make sure you blend the mixture once.

Pulp ready ayina tarvatha oka container loki transfer cheskoni refrigerator lo chill avadaniki min half an hour petali. Once it is done, pour the pulp in serving bowls and garnish with a pinch of saffron. Serve the delight with piping hot and crisp puris.

Note: whenever you make this you have to keep few points in mind.

Aamras cheyse mundhu select firm and sweet mangoes.

Ee aamras ki yekuvaga Alphonso variety ni vaduthey chala tasty ga untundi.

Smooth pulp texture ravali antey mangoes ni correct ga blend cheyali.

Aamras ni yepudu chilled ga ney serve cheyali.

Inka endhuku late, eerojey ee simple inka easy recipe ni try cheyandi.

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