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8 Ideas To Turn Your Bathroom Into Best Room


Undoubtedly, most of us hate to wake up early in the mornings. If you have a boring bathroom, then you will hate it more. To make your morning a bit interesting, try to implement these ideas to beautify your bathroom and turn it into the best room in your house.

1. Try to pour your hair potions into uniform bottles and try to use frappuccino materials instead of plastic ones.
2. This Ikea hack mirror will definitely make your bathroom look beautiful.
3. Try to use a curved shower rod to get a bigger space feeling.
4. Hang towels on a decorative ladder for a rustic storage option.
5. If you want a spa experience, then try out this DIY pebble bathmat.
6. If your bathroom is tiny, then combine wall decorations with storage by making pretty copper makeup cups.
7. Use contact paper to make your bathroom extra private.
8. Try to add some greenery in your bathroom to get a fresh feeling.

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