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All You Need To Know About The First Ever Penalty Points System Initiated by Telangana Government


In a bid to control traffic and road safety, the Telangana Government has launched the first of its kind in India, ’12 Point System.’ E new rule dwara evaraitey traffic rules in violate chestaru vallaku e penalty points impose cheyabadatayi. Ivi 1 nundi 5 daka untai and these points depends on the specific traffic rule you violate while driving on roads, under rule 45 A (1) included in the Telangana Motor Vehicle Rules, 1999 through Government Order no. 26.

E record antha Road Transport Authority (RTA) database lo store ayyi untadi. E okka person penalty points 12 exceed aitey that too 24 months lopu, vala license two years suspend avtadi. Also, those who have penalty points and if they want to reduce them, they can undergo training course or motor vehicle accident prevention program from any institution that is being recognised by Telangana Transport department.

So, here we are listing the points that awarded for violation of traffic rules in specific:

– Extra passengers in auto front seat: 1 point
– Carrying passengers in goods vehicle: 2 points
– Driving without seat belt or helmet: 1 point
– Driving in wrong direction: 2 points
– Driving at higher than permitted speed limit of 40kmph: 2 points
– Rash driving, using cell phone while driving or skipping signals- 2 points
– Drunk driving in two wheeler: 3 points
– Drunk driving four wheeler: 4 points
– Drunk driving of public service vehicle: 5 points
– Racing or speed trial while driving: 3 points
– Driving without insurance papers: 2 points

Well, Hyderabad janulara enduku cheppandi risk, happy ga traffic rules follow aipodam.

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