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Kabali Review : You Want To Experience A ‘Completely’ New Rajinikanth? Then Go For It!!


When you ask questions like – Why is Rajnikanth doing only larger than life roles in all his movies? Why can’t he do some character oriented roles? You might take me wrong, but this movie will answer all your questions. True!! Kabali, as we all expected doesn’t let you down with the Rajnikanth we all are used to. And as well Rajnikanth has taken some space to remind you the actor he is.

The movie shows you a completely new Rajinikanth who is very much present in his elements. The heroism is not shown with Rajini bashing big guys against walls or vehicles, the elegance is shown with the way Kabali handles situations and takes control of the power. The character of Kabali speaks more than just through his dialogues. Before you watch this movie as a critic, watch it to experience Rajinikanth on screen. And remember that cinema is a form of storytelling. The better the story is told, the better you are going to embrace it. And I have enjoyed embracing it. Rajinikanth seems to be very much aware about the growth of making cinema in a young maker’s mind and has completely blended surrendering himself to Pa. Ranjith while maintaining his elements.


Though the movie ends on a very low note, which might not be forgiven by majority of the audience, Pa. Ranjith needs to be applauded for handling a routine gangster movie with some great performances not just by the lead actors but from a great supporting cast as well. Poor fellow didn’t have any other way to end the movie than to put his subject this way.

Let’s go from the Beginning:

The basic plot – Kabali, a gangster in Malaysia standing for the rights and identification of Dalits/Tamilians in Malayasia is sent to jail for murdering one of his aides who turns against him. Upon his release after 25 years, the city of Kuala Lumpur has completely changed with Indian youth in Malayasia getting addicted to drugs and mafia due to lack of opportunities to work. On one side Kabali decides to take this upon himself going against his opponent Tony Lee who is a ferocious gangster and the one behind him going to the jail losing his pregnant wife. And on the other side he is lost in the memories of his beloved wife who was his strength in becoming what he is. I will stop here and leave the remaining for you to watch.

Things that will stay with you when you walk of the theatre :

Thalaivaa without doubt :

It is Rajinikanth’s sheer brilliance, even at the age of 65, the energy he carries on screen is marvellous (believe me he is going to give you some goosebump moments while watching). You are bound to go berserk watching him especially in the first 30 minutes. Apart from that, he even reminds you the brilliant actor that is present in him from those Balachander days.

Radhika Apte & Dansika :

As Kundanavalli, Radhika was bang on and the superb support she along with her daughter Yogi(in the movie) played by Daniel, have given to Rajinikanth shows the genious actors they are. There is one scene where Valli and Kabali  reunite and that will simply leave you in splits. No where will you believe that Radhika Apte is actually 35 years younger to Rajini. The smart-ass Yogi played by Dansika is one role which is brilliantly written.

Supporting Cast :

There have been some great support from the cast in this gangster flick. The girl who plays a drug addict especially needs a special mention. Naser too shined for the moment he was on screen. While Malaysian actor Winston Chao might not have had much affect, the young guy who played Kabali’s personal bodyguard stands out as well.

Santosh Narayan for his BGM :

After the movie, if you are going to go mad with the ‘Niruppu da/Nippu ra..’ or that whistle tune, it is purely because of the genius stuff from Santosh Narayan. You couldn’t ask for a better BGM than this.

And finally Pa. Ranjith’s work :

Some of the scenes stand out brilliantly in the movie. You might have a huge complain towards the end for throwing the movie down on the floor, but his finishing shot might suffice you with a feeling of reading a good gangster book and closing the last page with a relief and a smile on your face.

In India, more than just a story, cinema, especially of actors who are demi-God’s, is watched as an experience. And everyone who have been waiting to see Rajinikanth after such a long time, this is going to be a complete treat. When I say a ‘complete treat’, remember he is even going to make you cry at a few instances. And if you are the one who is just looking at Rajinikanth to do miracles all the time on screen, then I am sorry, grow up! The primary reason you might not be satisfied with the movie when you walk out of the hall is because of the climax which is a very mellow one.  But, if you are the one who enjoys drama and entertainment equally, I give you a double thumbs up to go and watch this one. Save your weekend or whichever date possible to go and watch this one. It is not just a movie to pass time, but a movie to experience Rajinikanth completely.

And for any complaints you have in regards to the slow pace or dragging in this one, I have one thing to say. – MANCHIDHI!!

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