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Kerala Man Compensated 30K As Soap Didn’t Make It Fair


If you have seen the countless ads for fairness creams and soaps, you might probably understand the frustration of a gentleman from Kerala, Mr. K. Chaathu.

A sculptor by profession, K. Chaathu went on to sue the soap company, and also actor Mammootty, who was the brand ambassador for the soap. In his petition, the man said that he had been using the soap for more than a year, but it hadn’t made him fair in any way.

It is not uncommon for fairness creams and soaps to claim magical fairness in a matter of a few weeks all across social media. While the Advertising Standards Council of India regularly ropes in fairness companies for their misleading ads, this move is the icing on the cake.

After hearing out his case, Mr. K. Chaathu was asked to be paid a compensation of Rs. 30,000 by the company for its misleading ads. The soap company was originally sued for a total amount of Rs. 50,000. However, the customer court decided to place the compensatory amount at a total of Rs. 30,000.

This should keep fairness creams and soap brands on their toes.

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