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10 Lesser Known Facts You Probably Never Know About Guntur & Amaravathi


Amaravathi, united ga unna mana Andhra Pradesh ni Telangana & Andhra Pradesh antu two telugu speaking states ga separate aiyyayi. Ila separate aina taruvatha Andhra Pradesh tamakantu oka capital city undalani anukundhi.

Ala Guntur district lo unna Amaravathi ni…Andhra Pradesh capital city ga atu government and telugu people decide chesaru. Ila capital city ga marina mana Amaravathi and Guntur district gurinchi meeku em telusu ? assala history lo Amaravathi ki and Guntur ki unna importance once chuseddam padandi.

1. Roots of human survival & habitation!

Guntur District is home to the second oldest evidence of human habitation in India, in the form of Palaeolithic (old stone age) implements.

2. Guntur name is derived from Sanskrit Word!

In Sanskrit, Guntur was referred to as Garthapuri. “Garthapuri” or “Guntlapuri” translates to “a place surrounded by water ponds.

3. The place of Ancient Puranas and Vedas

Place of Sitanagaram and the Guttikonda caves of Guntur are referred to ancient texts (Vedic puranas) going back to the Treta Yuga and Dwapara Yuga.

4. Mica was first discovered here!

Mica is a silicate sheet and a chemical composition is first discovered here around 2200 years ago in the Guntur region, believed to be by the Great Philosopher Acharya Nagarjuna.

5. Place of greatest Battle of Palnadu or Palnati Yuddham

‘Palnati Yuddham’ is a battle that took place sometime in the years 1178-1182 AD between Nalagamaraju, a Haihaya Kshatriya king who ruled the area of Palnadu in Guntur District.

Facts about Amaravati:

6. Not only Capital City Now, but also a Historic Capital then

Amaravati is capital city during 2nd Century BC when Satavahana and Vishnukundina Dynasties ruled.

7. First 70 MM Theatre was built at this place in 1921

Maruthi Talkies is first permanent 70 MM Theatre built in 1921 at One Town, Vijayawada.

8. Religious Importance of Buddhism !

Lord Buddha himself visited the Dharinkota of Amaravati and preached the holy ritual ‘Kalachakra’ at this place. Amaravathi is seat of pilgrimage for Buddhism and Buddhist activities back then in Buddha’s time.

9. Headquarters for Eastern Chalukyas and many others

At the time of Vishnukundina Kingdom 2nd and 3rd century, Amravati along with Vijayawada is headquarters for Eastern Chalukyas of Badami. And also

10. Mangalagiri – The Dead Volcano

It is believed that present-day Mangalagiri Hill is a Dead Volcano. Hence The Narasimha Temple situated on the hill has a tradition of pouring Jaggery Juice(Panakam), believed to to keep the Volcano dormant and is called Panakala Narasimha Swami.

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