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8 Things Couples Who Are In A Long Distance Relationship Relate To


Well, anni relations lo kanna long distance relationship chala kastamainadi. Vallakosam eduru chudadam Game Of Thrones next season kosam eduru chudadam lantidi. Akada teasers and leaked pictures manam ela excite avtu untamo, manam preminchina valatho skype and phone calls tho saripettukovali. But emataki a mate cheppukovali, long distance relationship is good for couples. Vala madya unna compatibility, understanding and love inka perugutundi. So, check out the list of things that every couple who are in long distance relationship relate to:

1. Phones and all our electronic gadgets manaki best friends apotayi all of a sudden.
2. Most of your conversations revolve around discussing future.
3. Asalu planning lo meru thopu apotaru. Skype calls kosam time set cheskodam degaranundi, idaru meet ayedaka, asalu mimalni minchina vallu undaru planning lo.
4. You get easily jealous and possessive about your partner. Avunandi it’s true.
5. But you really become good at trusting each other.
6. Festivals are not just for celebrations, but anthakante ekuva. Endukante apude meru meet ayye chances ekuva untayi kabati.
7. You become a pro in finding out the best deals for both of your travel plans.
8. Finance management lo mimalni minchina vallu undaru.

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