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Mahatalli’s ‘Maarpu’ Will Question The True Citizen In Everyone Of Us. Remember ‘Change’ Starts With You!!


Now a days, a sudden patriot arises in everyone of us just on the Independence and Republic Day and vanishes that very evening. Knowingly or unknowingly, with our petty mistakes from bribing a police constable to littering outside our home, we are being a pain to the nation by damaging the surroundings we live in. From dividing ourselves between North and South India to caste based communities, forget about the love for this nation, we all have not been true citizens in the first place.

When we asked Mahatalli to go for video based on Patriotism and love for our nation etc, she gave us an answer which was like a slap on our face. She said, “if we love our nation, why do we bribe a police constable, why do we litter outside the office, why do we raise caste based discussions?” We all just stayed mum and let her speak, she gave us a line and left to her desk to script this down. It was ‘Maarpu (change).. starts with you’

Kudos to the girl who has been scripting her own stuff and been trying to entertain in every way she could. Please do not forget to give your valuable feedback in the comments sections below.

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