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Meet This Hyderabadi Couple Who Have Won Many Hearts By Building Eco-Friendly Houses


Oka manchi illu kattali anna aa intlo tiles, roof, ila em kavali anna tappakunda cement, concrete avasaram. Kani ivi em lekunda only plastic wastage like water bottles, polythene, and tyres, bamboos tho illu kattochu antunnaru Hyderabad-couple ‘Prashanth Lingam and Aruna Kappagantula’.

A small thought which turned out as StartUp: Bamboo House India.

Plastic usage world countries anni ee vishyam gurinchi serious ga discuss chesthunnayi. Plastic usage taggincheaka potey future lo vacche consequences gurinchi Governments, NGOs, social bodies chala varaku awareness create chestunnayi. Kani prati individuals lo ee change ravali ani thought ee couples iddariki vacchindi.

House Of Plastic And Bamboos.

Andukey villa iddariki vacchina ee small thought ‘Bamboo House India’, ane startup start chesey la chesindi. Initial ga bamboo products tho penthouses, farmhouses lo individual bamboo houses kattadam start chesaru. Then they decided to recycle plastic wastage. Ala research start chesina ee iddaru plastic wastage recycle chesi vati tho tiles, roofs, walls, cheyadam start chesaru. Ala total ga eco-friendly bamboo houses start chesina villu city lo ippati varaku 150+ eco-friendly houses construct chesaru.

Hyderabad Metro Rail and GHMC Contract:

Ee couple eco-friendly houses gurinchi telusukunna HMR and GHMC villaki metro stations lo houses, and dog park contract iccharu. Aa contract tiskunna sign chesina ee couples Miyapur metro station daggara complete ayi already unna parking shelter ni replace chesthu adey place lo unique house construct chesaru which is completely out of recycled plastic waste.

Miyapur Metro Station Plastic House:

To build the house, around 2500 kgs of plastic is used. At first, the waste material is collected from rag pickers. The collected material like covers, bottles, glasses etc are cut into small pieces and are given chemical treatment.

And some metro stations lo and Gachibowli lo recent ga start chesina ‘Dog Park’ lo kuda villu plastic recycle chesthu chesina plastic tiles ni GHMC vallu install chesaru.

Ee plastic ni ela apali raa babu ani oka vaipu govt tala pikuntu untey ee city couple ki vacchina ee simple thought chala useful ani chepocchu

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