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Mori And Rajole From AP Turned As Digital Villages Through Smart Village Movement


Smart Village Movement is a community led by a group of passionate global citizens. Ee community variki vacchina small thought ippudu worldwide ga 3.4 billion rural people ni technology, digitalisation, self-business, lanti vishayallo educate chesthu rural villages ni smart villages ga marchey chestunnaru.

Turned As Digital Villages

Smart Village Movement venaka unna main personality Solomon Darwin AKA “Father of Smart Villages”. East Godavari, Mori Village, Dalit family lo puttina Solomon Darwin, ippudu America lo one of the best professor and business icon. 2016 January lo smart villages initiate chesina Solomon Darwin garu ippudu chala villages ni tana team and along with governments, global corporations and universities tho kalisi enno rural villages ni smart villages ga maricharu.

Solomon met Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N. Chandra Babu Naidu and discussed the possibilities of making smart villages in AP. After that Berkeley University vari tho kalisi effective research chesi East Godavari district lo unna two backward villages Mori and Rajole ni smart villages ga marchadaniki proper schedule, plan cheskoni Government tho MoU sign chesi mission start chesaru.

Mori Is A India’s First Smart Village:

UC Berkeley Andhra Smart Villages mission takkuva time lo ne Mori village lo unna 1,189 households are provided with the Internet at 15 Mbps speed, cable TV and telephone connection through fibre grid. Each of them can watch 250 television channels now. Even village lo unna small kirana shops lo kuda e-pos machines issue chesaru.

Villages lo unna group of women’s ni train cheyadam and they visit door to door and educate, explained the villagers on e-payments and the advantages of new Apps and net-banking. Ila Mori village ni 2016 lo ney Smart village chesina credit Smart Village Movement varidey.

Razole As A Smart Village:

Razole village lo kuda women empowerment, self-sustainability, providing exposure and market to women is their core idea. Ee thoughts ni apply chesthu, village lo unna women’s ki sewing courses cheppadam, varu chesina clothes and other products ni internet marketing dwara ela business cheyalo chepadam start chesaru. Ika ippudu ee village kuda Mori village la smart village ga develop avthundi.

Smart Village Movement, and UC Berkeley university chesthunna ee smart village programme India lo 300+ villages ni adopt cheskoni State governments tho MoU sign chesi rural villages ni smart villages ga marusthu overall ga villages lo kuda increasing overall standard of living and quality of life, simultaneously creating economic, social, and environmental values and also encouraging people to become entrepreneurs.

Once Gandhiji said, “The future of India lies in its villages” and here these people are making it happen.

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