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Top 10 Most Visited Countries in the World


Top 10 Most Visited Countries in the World

Tourism is one of the best ways to increase the economy of a country. Many attempts are made by a country to attract tourists and visitors like famous monuments, huge amusement parks, and much more. Here is a list of the top 10 most visited countries in the world and the reason behind them being so.

1. France (89 million visitors)

With 89 million tourists, a new record, France is the most visited country in the world in 2019! France wears its culture in both famous sites and everyday settings, patched together with picturesque villages and romantic cities. The country’s noble castles, villas, and cathedrals pull off the gaudy decor with nonchalance owing to its long centuries of royal past. Few have the guts to gild everything in gold. A refined kind of luxury is presented by the markets held on village squares, the café terraces, and the daily routine of a coffee and croissant. Don’t forget about the outdoors either; city inhabitants seek Corsica’s poetic woodlands and the balmy waters of the French Riviera as getaways.

2. Spain (84 million visitors)

In Spain, a nation built for the good life, passion erupts. Perhaps this explains why Spain is the second-most visited country in the world. Explore Spain’s timeless landscapes on an epic road trip that loops from Barcelona to Madrid. The views pass by like a photographer’s reel. Before departing for the enigmatic Alhambra in Granada or the flamenco palaces of Seville, congregate around Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter and peruse the experimental works of Gaudi.
Visit the sandy areas of Menorca, the Picos de Europa peaks, the snow-capped Sierra Nevada, or any other place where nature changes with the seasons. Despite the history that lingers in the shadows, Spain seems to be living in the present, from the coast to the mountains and remote outposts on dry land.

3. United States (79 million visitors)

Due to the size of its sprawling cities and the attractiveness of its little towns, America has always been a popular travel destination; 82 million tourists visited it in 2017 to round the figure down. All of the cities of transience—New York City, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Chicago, and Boston—are dynamic urban areas brimming with diverse cultures and cuisines. Then there is the musical Austin, the free-spirited Portland, the vibrant San Francisco, and the beach and nightlife-filled Miami. In addition, there are miles of beautiful jungles and country lanes, as well as the Grand Canyon’s calm heat. Additionally, the jazz, country, hip-hop, rock, and pop on the radio will keep you company while you navigate these disparate sites.

4. China (66 million visitors)

China’s size and breadth of life are impossible to capture, and it is this irresistible characteristic that draws people in again and time again. The country memorialized some and forgets others, mysteriously and transparently at the same time. Alongside rapidly developing cities are decaying villages, the time-worn Great Wall is unpolished next to the vibrant colors of Buddhist temples, and water towns are a far cry from the desert-brushed edges of the rural sprawl. The Forbidden City in Beijing may provide more historical interest, or perhaps you might go for Shanghai’s secret speakeasies. However, even if you come for the beauty, you’ll remain for the food because of China’s diverse culinary traditions, which allow for the enjoyment of any food.

5. Italy (65 million visitors)

When we think of Italy, the fifth-most visited country in the world, the arts come to mind. Byzantine structures, the frescoes of Padua, Michelangelo’s David, and the best of Da Vinci’s masterpieces all come to mind. Heritage sites are the norm rather than the exception; they are the result of the ruins, archaeological sites, cathedrals, and manors that the Roman Empire and later empires left behind. The little things of daily life benefit from aesthetic considerations as well. There is enormous geological diversity on the more natural spectrum. Italy is awash in blues and greens, from the frigid Alps to azure coral reefs. Natural beauty is followed by culinary delights. Enjoy the delicate crust and powdered dough of pizzas while stuffing your face with ricotta and oysters and finishing it off with strong wines.

6. Turkey (51 million visitors)

With the alluring thrum of busy towns in the background, sultry Turkey smolders with desert heat and sun-beaten ruins. Following its conquest by the Romans, the Byzantines, and the Ottomans, Turkey travels from furious Istanbul to the enticing Mediterranean coast to tell its tale. A few of the poetic rural scapes along the route are the Kacker Mountains, Patara Beach, and Lake Egirdir. Other magnificent vistas include protruding rock formations, shimmering lakes, and olive groves. Discover these environments by cannoning, kayaking, paragliding, hiking, and other more daring activities; they’re lessons in the physical and cultural, and they help Turkey rank among the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Turkey’s gastronomic delights derive from both inland and coastal sources as if that weren’t appealing enough.

7. Mexico (45 million visitors)

Vibrant and sultry Mexico’s population is hardly able to sustain itself. The locals are empathic hosts with a passionate sense of national pride, and they are fiesta-loving in the throngs and thoughtful in the solitude. It is because of this sense of pride and expressiveness that the Teotihuacan pyramids, Maya temples, and colonial towns were both architectural marvels and the birthplace of great artists like Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. Dance and street art have also gained prominence as a result of underground artistic movements. In addition to the city’s inexhaustible cultural richness, there are also stunning jungles, volcanoes, deserts, and coastlines. Adventures for divers and hikers alike can be found in Mexico’s unending natural beauty. To take advantage of everything Oaxaca has to offer, climb its steep slopes or dive deep into the Caribbean.

8. Thailand (39.7 million visitors)

Many of Thailand’s cultural customs are guided by the spiritual and heavenly, which foretells the fusion of holy places and the natural world. You will walk over the roots of ancient banyan trees, through Buddhas with green frames, and other flower offerings as you meander through the magnificent estates of shining temples and exquisite shrines. Nature is always nearby. The rural core of Thailand is home to vast caverns, magnificent waterfalls, stunning rice terraces, and swaying hills. Apart from the chaotic cities and peaceful farmlands, tourists come to Thailand for its exciting seashore. Its coastline is dotted with almost a thousand islands, and its calm waters are home to coral reefs and whale sharks. Sea cliffs and sand bars beckon adventure-seeking tourists to stay and play, while the tourist destinations of Ko Tao, Ko Samui, and Ko Phi-Phi push their calming spas and exotic food.

9. Germany (39.5 million visitors)

Germany may be associated with a tragedy, but it is also the cradle of brilliant minds, innovative thinkers, and creative visionaries who helped usher in the modern era. You can trace the cultural footprint of the nation from tall museums and auto manufacturers to modern structures like Frank Gehry and Daniel Libeskind. You can see the swaying route into rural Germany by casting your eyes beyond the Romanesque and Baroque structures of Berlin, Munich, and Hamburg. The valleys spread out into massive vineyards and majestic woodlands as they aim for the frigid Alps and northern dunes. Experiment with your eyes and mouth to taste the regional diversity of Germany.

10. United Kingdom (36 million visitors)

The UK has developed a reputation for refined elegance because of afternoon tea, posh accents, and of course, the Queen, earning it a spot in this list of the top 10 most visited countries in the world. In addition, somber Scotland, brooding Wales and grounded Northern Ireland exists. We have a wide range of landing locations when we group the historical landmarks and regional flavors under the “United Kingdom” umbrella. To interact with old soil, venture outside of central London and other large cities. The history of Great Britain’s periphery may be traced back to Neolithic stone circles, ruined castles and forts, Roman baths, and alternative museums. Scotland is the wild land, connecting the tall lochs and tumbling isles with a network of simple but powerful fortifications and former battlegrounds.

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