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Pawan Kalyan Visits Tirupathi To Console Fan’s Family Who Was Killed In A Fan War


The fans that Telugu movie stars have is one of the most devoted one can get to see. In an unfortunate incident that has never taken place earlier in the history of Telugu cinema, fans of Telugu cinema’s biggest stars clashed over an argument and one, Vinod Kumar, who is an ardent fan of Pawan Kalyan was stabbed by a follower of Jr. NTR.

After an altercation over the star status of the two actors, the follower of Jr. NTR took this drastic step. According to Vemgal police officials, Vinod had attended an event organised in Kolar along his friends. The event was attended by fans of both Jr. NTR and Pawan Kalyan. Vinod who has been an active member of Pawan Kalyan’s Jana Sena party was invited to speak on stage. His speech on stage is believed to have angered the other side.

Following the event, fans had gone to a bar at Narasapura when an argument broke out between Vinod Kumar and the accused, Akshay, who then stabbed Kumar with a knife. The Pawan Kalyan fan succumbed to the stab wound to his chest.

Kolar police arrested the accused on Monday. Pawan Kalyan, who learned about this unfortunate incident paid a visit to console the fan’s family in Tirupathi. He paid his tributes and ensured that the accused would be punished. Pawan Kalyan expressed that he was very much saddened at the death of his fan Vinod. “It shouldn’t go to the extent of killing each other or hurting others,” he said. “The family lost its son. I will stand by the family and support it as their elder son,” Pawan added. He also said he has good relations with all heroes and actors.

In the wake of this incident, we hope fans further don’t dwell such issues, but stay united. We already have shit loads of differentiation’s in the form of caste and religion, let’s not get this added on to that filthy list.

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