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Ravi Babu Is Getting His ‘Babe’ To Hyderabad


One director who loves to think outside the box is Ravi Babu. The first movie he came out with, Allari made him stand out as a director with a tone of his own. With his later movies such as Anasuya, Amravathi, Nachavule, Avunu etc, you can see that there is alot of Hollywood influence in his movies. From his screenplay to the themes he uses, he is always ready to experiment boldly.

And this time guess what? He is going to experiment with a piglet? How a piglet encountered itself with the city of Hyderabad. It might similar to the Hollywood movie Babe, but instead of many other animals, Babu has incorporated humans in his story.

They have brought a real piglet and with the help of some CGI, he will bring the piglet in front of us soon. ‘We are using a real piglet given by a friend, some CG work is also required of course, it was big challenge,’ said Ravi Babu. He is using an animatronics piglet, a technology used in Hollywood biggies like Jurassic Park. The makers approximately spent Rs 2 crores to create the animatronics piglet.

The movie has new comers Abhishek and Naba playing the lead pair. Ravi Babu also plays a key role. So, soon Telugu cinema will be having a piglet story to tell.

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