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Here Are 7 Recreations Clubs In Hyderabad That’ll Bring A Lot Relief To Your Daily Routines


We hyderabadis have our own ways to look for entertainment in different genres. From hobbies, passions to movies, we have different clubs that are available to engage us in activities of our interests. And to our surprise we actually have good number of clubs that are spread across the city who have dedicated agenda to spend your time in the best and most productive way.

Here are the best of the of the clubs you could probably try engaging with. You could thank us later!! 😛

Hyderabad Equestrians

Hyderabad Equestrians is the Non-profit Pioneer Equestrian community run by volunteers. They is what they say – ‘We love Horses. For us Riding is the ultimate symbol of life. Horses are our teachers, healers & source of inner strength instilling deep within us greater confidence and self-esteem. It’s an Equestrian life for us. We love sharing our passion for Horses and like to help others discover the joy of riding’.

The organizers of Hyderabad Equestrians are excellent Horsemen and go through formal training & certification to lead, instruct & organize Learning sessions/Equestrian related Events.

Founder, organizer, lead Horse trainer, Riding coach – Naveed Khan

If you are interested and have the needed passion towards riding, you can catch them here : Hyderabad Equestrians

Great Hyderabad Adventure Club

Great Hyderabad Adventure Club – GHAC is the Premier Adventure and Trekking Club located in Hyderabad, Telangana and conducts local adventure and trekking events in Hyderabad and all over of India. The Club is not for profit and is affiliated to the Indian Mountaineering Foundation. The club is run by passionate leadership team from the outdoors and adventure fields.

Membership is free and open to anyone over 18 years. Members  13 -17 years may participate with parental consent. Children above 6 – 12 years may participate along with parents only.

If you are the one interested in such adventures, here check them out and join right away : GHAC

Hyderabad Write Club

Write Club, Hyderabad is for all the aspiring writer in you. All you need to posses is an interest towards writing and the needed devotion towards it. They gather every Saturday and everyone in involved in the activities equally. They help you churn your thoughts into better ideas and help you give yourself the best.

If you feel you this is where your interests pull you, feel free to reach them here : Write club, Hyderabad

Twin Cities Photography Club

Twin Cities Photography Club is here to give wings to your passion of shooting. This online Club is your meeting place on everything related to photography and facilitates sharpening of your shooting skills.  The forum would provide you with opportunities to go on planned shoot on a wide range of topics.

Is this what your passion calls for?? Here catch them : Twin Cities Photography Club

Hyderabad Adventure & Trekker’s club (HAT’s)

Hyderabad Adventure & Trekker’s club (HAT’s) is an open, non-profit community run by a group of people who believe in exploring life. The club is based out of Hyderabad and events are conducted round the year for people from all walks of life.

The activities conducted by this club include Rappelling, Rock climbing, Hiking, Trekking, Scrambling, Surfing, Forest Trails, Camping, Swimming (outdoor), Bird watching, Butterfly

So, if you want to exploring with them right away, catch them here right away : HAT’s

Hyderabad Toastmasters

Toastmasters International is a non-profit organization that teaches public speaking and leadership skills through a worldwide network of meeting locations.

Hyderabad Toastmasters, the 1st community club of Hyderabad, is a not-for-profit club where members from all walks of life come together with a common aim to improve their public speaking and leadership skills by mutually supporting each other.

Catch them here if you want to engage in their interesting activities to enhance your skills : Hyderabad Toastmasters

Hyderabad Bicycling Club

The Hyderabad Bicycling Club (HBC) is a bicycling club for riders in Hyderabad. Probably one the oldest clubd in the city, this was founded in 2007 and has now emerged as the World’s largest Cycling Club online overtaking the Denver Front Range Cycling Club, USA to under the mentorship of HBC Chairman, DV Manohar.

They are a very enthusiastic club who love fun and fitness equally. If you are interested to join this group of enthusiasts, join them here : Hyderabad Bicycling Club (HBC)


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