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These Restaurants In Hyderabad Serve The Best Seafood


Fish, prawns, crabs ila list chepkuntu pothe sometimes having seafood is the best thing. General ga aythe seafood ante coastal areas gurthuku vasthai, kani mana hyderabad lo ippudu sea ekada, dhani food ekkada?

So manam just rely avalsindhi seafood ni serve chese konni restaurants midha, ala hyderabad lo em places unnai, akkada em special dishes dorkthayo oksari chudham.

1. The Fisherman’s Wharf

Seafood restaurants in Hyderabad

Goa feel or coastal feeling ravali, and tinadaniki seafood ayyi undali. Inka ante ambience chala calm ga kavali ante fisherman’s wharf is your best option. Kastha price costly ga anipichina it is worth a try for all food lovers. Friends, family andharitho koncham quality time spend cheyali anukunte, you must visit this place.

Where : Puppalaguda, Financial District,Gachibowli,

Cost for two : 1500 for two

2. Urban Asia

Oka vela meku general cuisine tini bore kodthe matram, you need to try urban asia for their asian cuisine. Calm ambience, with dim light unde e place lo meru must ga try cheyalsindhi, starters. Their menu items are not much kani me tummy full avadaniki matram problem ledhu.

Where : Road 36, Jubilee Hills

Cost for two : 1,300 for two

3. Aromas of China

Delicious food and classy ambience, oka vela meru family or friends tho food tinadaniki vellinappudu inthakante em kavali. Aroma’s of china lo ivani meku untai. A must visit place to find some lip smacking food.

Where : Road 1, Banjara Hills

Cost for two : 1,500 for two people

4. Chinese Pavilion

A simple and decent place with good food to serve, yes chinese pavilion adhey category lo ki vasthadhi. For those who just want to sit calm and enjoy their lunch idhi best option.

Where : Vengal Rao Park, Road 1, Banjara Hills

Cost for two : 1,000 for two people

5. Ocean’s Basket

Restaurant lo enter avagane boats, fishes kanapadagne ela untadhi. Anthe kadu oka super cool menu tho, courteous staff manaki welcome chestharu. Okati, rendu, ani options kakunda you have a lot to order. Anthe kadu, ikada inko option kuda undhi, maname oka fish select chesukoni, dhani manaku nachinattu cook chepichkovachu.

Where : Road Number 2, Banjara Hills

Cost for two : 1,500 for two people

6. This The Place!

A pocket friendly restaurant which serves good seafood. Anthe kaadu, ikada timepass kosam konni board games kuda untai, so oka vela me order vache varaku bore kotadhu anukunte you can even play games.

Where : Madhapur

Cost for two : 600 for two people

7. 84 anjuna shack

So anjuna shack is basically a replica of the original shack in goa. Sea food, snacks, books and a small goa shop to buy few things, ivani at one place ante adhi 84 anjuna shack ke possible. Although the place is quite small it has everything to offer for you.

Where : Izzath Nagar, Kondapur

Cost for two : 900 for two people

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