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Say ‘Bye’ To Dark Circles And Under-Eye Bags With These Simple Tips


Dark circles, and under eye bags are one of the most common  that women face. By sitting up late in the night, lack of sleep, stress and sitting for long in front of the computer may lead to bags under the eyes. Sometimes, it can also be caused due to  few changes that take place in the food intake.

Well, the skin under the eye is very much delicate and proper care has to be taken in that area in order to look fresh the next morning. Well, here is what you have to do to get rid of them, as well as make sure that they don’t increase.

Reduce the Salt Intake


Taking more than amount of salt that is needed might affects water retention under the eyes. And this might make your eyes look puffy and swollen. Try reducing the intake of salt in your diet and wash it out of your body drinking plenty amount  of water. 

 Sound sleep

We know that you are pretty much busy with work. But having proper and adequate amount of sleep is very important to make sure you can work properly without any issues or tiredness. Having no sleep might affect you externally, as well as internally too. One must try not to read or sit in front of the screen at night in low light. Make sure you sleep for at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep and do what you have to in the morning.

Take off the makeup before bed

Make sure you take off the make-up before you go to bed, as any residue of make-up can make your under-eyes look dark. Separate care for under eyes has to be taken, just like we moisturise and tone the complete face. Massage under the eye has to be done with a lot of care as it is a sensitive area. Massage almond oil gently into the under-eye and leave it overnight. 


Pillows also plays a key role in proper sleep and also, it accumulates germs over time from constant contact with your skin. These germs might causes rashes on your skin and darken your under eyes. Changing your pillowcase from time to time will keep your eyes and the region around it neat and healthy.

Cold compress

Take four metal (steel) spoons and freeze them in the refrigerator overnight and later, in the morning, place them on under-the-eye area, alternating between the two sets of spoons and leave for a few minutes. The chill in the spoons will control the blood circulation around the under-eye area and this will prevent swelling and darkening of under eyes.

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