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This Man Bags A Record By Feeding 1000 Specially Abled People In A Day


Serve Needy – Goutham Kumar ee peru vinagane meeku eepatiki ithanu evaro idea vacche untadhi. Roadside orphan kids nundi old age orphans varaku andariki shelter icchi, food petti adhe kakunda assala evaro teliyani vallu chanipothe valla last rites conduct cheyadam ila ee youngster job, career ane average youth la kakunda social service ni career ga select chesukuni endaro orphans, homeless ki shelter, life istunadu.

World Record By Serving Food

Ithani social service aa nota ee nota padi almost mana telugu states mottham spread aindi. Goutham chesthunna service chusi chala mandi money and daily needs isthu athani ni support chestunaru.

Recent ga Hyderabad ki chendina SUMA PAVANI & SUMANTH Sponsored 200 meals on their Birthday, DEEPIKA Sponsored 100 meals on her Daughter’s MANYA REDDY birthday, SHALINI & PRASHANTH Sponsored 100 Meals to Goutham’s organization.

In The Name of Anna Daatha’ programme he served food to 1000 people recently :

As planned, Goutham on Sunday – May 26th, donated food to Orphans and Specially Abled at 3 different places in Hyderabad. His aim was to serve food to a 1000 people in a single day. Ila food donors munduku ravadam tho city lo 3 different places lo Goutham okkade with the help of his volunteers 1000 members ki food serve chesadu.

Oka manchi cause kosam Goutham chesina ee feat ni ‘Universal Book of records’ vallu appreciate cheyadam tho patu World record ga recognize chesthu certificate kuda iccharu.

When Goutham was asked ‘how are you feeling about this’ he said, ‘’No one deserves to die like an orphan when our organisation is there”. We are expanding our organisation so that no one will die because of hunger.

Kudos Goutham Kumar you’re a man with a golden heart, long way to go !

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