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Significance of visiting a temple during Amavasya


Mana aalochanalu and chandruni positions are so interrelated. The position of the moon and manam chese pani lo unde phalitham kuda anthe relative untayi. Our mind will be powerful and pure if there is a full moon. Hence, moon leni rojuna mana minds are very weak and dull. Ee dullness karananga there is a high chance of negative thoughts peeking inside. Ilanti thoughts and weak minds ni daatukoni prashantanga undali ani temples ki velladam jarugutundi.1 visiting a temple during Amavasya

Similarly, there is high possibility that manam tine tindi valla mana minds lo ni thoughts vary autundi. A day before amavasya manam non veg or heavy bad foods tinte, on the amavasya day there are higher chances for bad thoughts to enter our minds. Anduke we are advised to follow the “Ekadasi Fasting”. when eating the pure food items on the 11th day of lunar phase,’ekadashi day’, the sathwa gunas of that food items will be reflected in our mind on the Amavasya day. So we will not be affected by negative or impure thoughts or at least able to prevent most of such thoughts. If the mind is pure on this Amavasya day then it will be pure for rest of the days in the month.

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