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Story Behind The Success Of McDonald


McDonald burger antey istapadanivaallu ekkuva mandi undaru. KFC ah McDonald ah antey, chala mandi McDonald’s ane choose chesukuntaru antha istam e burger antey. Asalu e McDonald ni Ray Kroc eppudu start chesaru asalu start cheyalanna idea ela vacchindo ippudu choodam.

1. Kroc tanu school lo undetappudu tana intimundu oka lemonade stand ni start chesadu. Oka grocery store lo work chese vadu, and tana Summer motam tana uncle grocery store lo soda fountain ni chuskuntu apoyedi. Tanu teenage lo tana schooling quit chesi salesperson ga Lily-Tulip Cup Co ane company lo join ayyadu.

2. Hardwork tho konni days lone top salesperson ga develop ayyadu. In the course of selling cups, Kroc met Earl Prince, a client who had invented a five-spindle milk shake-mixing machine called a Multimixer.

3. Kroc tanaku 37 years aapudu Lily company lo job quit chesi and joined with Multimixer. Okasari tanu California nundi oka 40 milk shakes kavalani order ravadam gamaninchi enduku vachinda ani chusadu, then he found a small hamburger stand run by two brothers, Dick and Mac McDonald.

4. Adi chala chinadi, but popular one. It was self-service, had no indoor seating, and the menu was limited to cheeseburgers, hamburgers, fries, drinks and milkshakes. But the customers will receive their meals in less than a minute.

5. Kroc wanted to expand it to across the country. When he approached the McDonalds with the idea, they told him they weren’t interested in doing it themselves. So Kroc offered to do it for them. The brothers agreed, and gave Kroc the exclusive rights to sell the McDonald’s method.

6. Then Ray opened his first McDonald’s in April 1955 in the Chicago suburb of Des Plaines. For each franchise Ray used to collect 1.9 percent of the gross sales. Andulonundi McDonalds ki one-half percent ichevadu. Kroc sold 18 franchises his first year in business but was shocked to discover he was barely making enough money to cover his expenses.

7. Appudu he met Harry Sonnenborne, who is a financial genius. Tana help tho inka expand chesi and Mc brothers ki konni godavala valla, in 1961, he bought out the McDonalds for $2.7 million-cash. With the McDonald brothers out of his way, Kroc was free to run the company as he saw fit. By 1965, he had opened more than 700 restaurants in 44 states.

8. In April of that year, McDonald’s became the first fast-food company to go public. In 1970 it has become the largest food supplier in the country. He died on January 14, 1984 and a new McDonald’s was opening on average every 17 hours.

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