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Engineers From Chennai Develop Tap Nozzles That Cut Water Wastage By A Whopping 95%


Chennai water crisis incident taruvatha water conservation meedha public lo awareness perigindi. Government nundi common people varaku andaru ee issue ni chala serious ga tisukuni water ni ela save cheyalo alochistunaru.

And Chennai based engineers kondaru oka adugu munduku vesi, water save cheyadaniki chinna invention eh chesaru. Ee invention ippudu chala viral aindi, last couple of days nundi social days lo ee invention ni praise chestu posts pedtunnaru.

Assala ee engineers evaro? Invention ento okasari chuseddam padandi.

Group of 4 engineers Arun Subramanian(founder), Roshan Karthik (co-founder), Satish Haribabu (Designer) and Mohammed Shakeel (Sales Manager) from Madras Institute of Technology (MIT) started a startup called ‘Earth Fokus’ back in 2017. And they started this startup with a sole motive of environment care through their inventions.

Ala aa roju villaki vacchina alochana ee roju veellatho ‘Nozzles’ ni invent chesela chesindi. Yes, they invented ‘Nozzles’ which saves up to 95% of water. Ee madhya water crisis ni face chesina Tamilnadu people antha ippudu ee device use chesi water save cheyadaniki ful interest chupistunaru.

How this device works and saves water:

Ee water nozzle ki mana young engineers ni pettina peru ‘Qua Mist’. Every time hand wash kosam tap water use cheyadam valla 300ml water waste avtayi. Ante average ga per year only hand wash kosame 2000ml water waste chestunnam.

Ee small thing ki full stop pettadaniki ee 4 engineers ki vacchina thought eh ‘Qua Mist”. Ee device intlo unna water taps ki fit cheyadam valla water full force ga kakunda ‘Mist’ la vastundi. Chala easy ga taps ki fit chesukune la unde ee device manam use chese water lo 95% save chestundi. Small spout and triangular shape lo unde ee ‘Qua Mist’ device ki just

1 MM hole untundhi. Ee chinna hole manam roju use chese water ni entho save chestundi.

Using ‘Qua Mist’ Nozzles An IT facility alone saves 7,000 litres of water every day 

Chennai lo unde oka IT SEZ mottham taps annitiki ee nozzles cheyadam valla daily approximate 7,000 litres of water save chestunaru anta. So, ippudu oka clear cut ga ee small device chese huge difference ento ardam aiyyi untadi meeku. Ippudu Chennai lo residential and corporate areas lo ee devices full demand perigindi anta.

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