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There Is A Place In West Godavari Which They Call Military Madhavaram. Here’s Why?


Manam oka army officer or tana family ni kalisinapudu, we would love to hear the backstory and avi manalni ento inspire chestayi and alanti vallu manaku telisinanduku chala proud feel avtam, but mana families lo okarini anna army ki pampadaniki chala mandi oppukoru. But e Madhavaram ane village lo matram pathi family nundi okalanna kanesam army loki velataru and it’s like a family tradition for them.military madhavaram

Amaravati ki 150 kms dooram lo unna e place West Godavari district kindaku vastundi and it has an illustrious 300-year old history of sending its men to Indian army. E village lo prathi intinundi at least oka person anna Indian army lo join actaru. In fact, approximately, e village ki cheindina more than 110 members ipudu different posts lo Indian army lo untu mana desaniki service chestunaru.

E local women prefer getting married to military men and even the children have names like Colonel, Major, and Captain! This village was the defense base of Pusapati Madhava Varma Brahma, the 17th-century ruler of the Gajapati dynasty who presided over present day Orissa and the Deccan Plateau.

E king name thone, e village ki Madhavaram ane peru vachindi. History loki veltey, colonial rule time lo 90 soldiers from this remote village fought for the British Empire in World War I. In World War II,
the more than 1110 people from this place to part in it.

E Military Madhavaram place chala mandi soldiers have been a part of every war independent India has fought. Today, 250 soldiers from Madhavaram are guarding the nation’s frontiers. And interesting thing enti antey, ikada unde women kuda, posts ki apply cheyadaniki interest chupistunaru.

The Poleramma temple at the entrance of the village is revered by the families of Madhavaram. E devatha blessings tesukuni veltey, battlefield lo valani raksistundani vella nammakam. Inka interesting thing enti antey, sascinated by its unique culture and history, Krish Jagarlamudi made the national award-winning film Kanche based on this village.

Hats off to this whole village. Ilanti villages inka mana desam lo chala undali.

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