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These Vintage Pictures Of ‘Vizag’ Will Surely Make You Fall In Love With The City


Visakhapatnam AKA Vizag, ‘The City of Destiny’ and ‘The Jewel of the East Coast’, ila enni nicknames unna Vizag ani pilchey feel ea veru. 6th century time lo Kalinga kings ikkada empire build chesaru aa taruvatha some years different kings rule chesina ee city 11th and 12th century Chola Dynasty and the Gajapati Kingdom time full-fledged ga capital city maradam jarigindi.

15th lo century lo Vijayanagara Empire ga, next 16th-century lo Mughals empire ga unna Vizag, next 1800 century lo British ruling lo KGH hospital, Saint Aloysius High School, Saint Aloysius High School lantivi construct chesi Britishers Visakhapatnam oka new modern age city marcharu.

1947 independence tarvatha enno ups and downs face chesi ippudu smart and clean city ga unna mana Vizag city then and now journey chuseddam.

1. Lighthouse On Dolphin’s Nose Vizag.

2. Lal Bahadur Shastri Inaugurating The Lighthouse On Dolphin Nose In 1957.

3. Construction Of A Shed In Hindustan Shipyard.

4. Expansion Of Hindustan Shipyard.

5. Merchant Navy Canteen In Vizag, 1951.

6. Halted Ship At Vizagapatam Port During 1840.

7. Beach Long View At That Time.

8. Fishermen At Sea Coast. 

9. A Naval Guest House In Vizag, 1952.

10. Pandit Nehru At Launching Ceremony Of S.S.Jala Usha, India’s First Home-Built Modern Naval Vessel At Vishakhapatnam.

11. A Passenger Ship Named Andaman Being Built At Visakhapatnam.

12. Victoria Jubilee Town Hall In 1904.

13. Collector’s Office Building Of Visakhapatnam Around 19th Century.

14. St John’s Church.

15. Vizagapatam Agriculture Farms.

16. Port Area Distant View.

17. A Click Of Vizag Streets From 1850’s.

18. Vizag Port Entrance In 1950’s.

19. Shamrock Villa Beach Roads – Vizag.

20. Opening Of Port By Lord Wellington In 1933.

21. Officers Of Vizag Harbour In 1943.

Pics Credit : Yo! Vizag & SouthReport